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Careers in Torts | Corbett insurance

No one wants to file a claim, but when accidents happen, it’s good to know that there’s a team of professionals who have your back. Behind the scenes, you’ll discover that a career in claims is both rewarding and filled with opportunities to grow and advance.

If you’ve been looking for a new job, it might be time to take a second look at one career in claim here at Erie insurance.

What is an insurance companion?

If you’ve ever filed a claim before, you may have an idea of ​​what the job entails. Our insurance agents are often the first to respond to a car accident or natural disaster to help our customers make it right again. There are two primary “categories”

; of claims workers: those who file and process policies and claims and those who investigate and inspect the damage from a claim.

Career opportunities in demand

Here’s a closer look at some career options in law enforcement.


Insurance adjusters are the professionals who will inspect the loss or damage from a claim and then help determine who is at fault and what the insurance company will pay. This includes inspecting property damage, investigating medical bills and bodily injuries, and interviewing any witnesses. Adjusters can either work remotely and travel to the scene of the claim or be “inside” adjusters and instead investigate their claims over the phone, call customers and secure photographs digitally.

At ERIE, we have adjusters for all types of claims:

  • Adjuster for material damage inspect vehicle damage which often includes driving to the scene of the accident, photographing the damage and determining repair costs.
  • Property adjuster take the lead in inspecting damage to a client’s home from something like a falling tree or home fire. They also often help with disaster claims.
  • Disaster adjuster work specifically with ERIE’s Catastrophe Team (CAT) to identify damage from catastrophic events such as hurricanes or tornadoes. Learn more about ERIE’s specially trained CAT team.
  • Workers compensation Adjuster responsible for workers’ compensation claims that arise between an employee and employer, for example if an employee was injured on the job.
  • Liability adjuster claims are brought where it is doubtful who is responsible for the damage. They inspect auto, property and litigation claims and will conduct investigations and interview individuals to determine who is responsible and what the total claim value is.

Most adjustment services require a high school or bachelor’s degree and some related experience, and depending on the state, you may need a certain license. Often these positions require certain insurance certifications or experience, such as completing a General Insurance or Associate in Claims (AIC) program.

Damage support

At ERIE, most of our claims support comes from our claims support specialists. They perform support and administrative functions, including answering telephones, filing, processing and preparing claims files. They also provide support to any of the above adjusters, often with a broader insurance knowledge. As a support contact, they frequently call clients, our independent ERIE agents and adjusters to complete or update claim documents.

Why explore a career in claims?

The insurance world has many different career paths, from IT and sales to accounting and actuarial, but at ERIE claims careers make up almost 40 percent of our total workforce. It is an area that is crucial to the insurance world, and generally have some nice perks. When working with claims, you will find:

  • A rewarding career. Our claims professionals are with our clients after an accident and are with them every step of the claims process, from explaining their coverage to writing a check for damages.
  • Something new every day. No two claims are the same. Whether you’re filing a new claim or calling a customer, you’ll find that every day is a little different. In addition, you learn all the time. Each state has different insurance regulations, which can present a challenge with the different policies and unique claims that come in.
  • Space for growth. There are many different claims that can be submitted, so there is plenty of opportunity to grow and advance your career. This may include venturing into another subset of the job, such as property damage or injury claims or exploring management opportunities.
  • Good benefits package. At ERIE, we value our employees and one way we express that is through a robust benefits package. By 2022, our health insurance plan paid up to 97% of your monthly medical and prescription premium, we offer a pension and 401(k) plan and a handful of other benefits completely free for our employees.

Explore a career with ERIE

At its core, insurance is a promise. When something bad happens, we promise to help our customers get back on their feet. At ERIE, our professionals help keep that promise. From adjusters to claims support specialists and facilitators, a career in claims is a rewarding opportunity to help someone in their need. See our current job opportunities within claim reporting and explore what a career at ERIE is all about.

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