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Car accidents in winter – Point insurance

How to Stay Safe After a Winter Car Accident

The days are short. The air is cold. And the roads are often slippery with rain, snow or ice.

It’s winter driving season in New England. And while most people know what to do to avoid an accident, many don’t know what to do after one. It’s important knowledge because the aftermath of a crash can be just as dangerous as the crash itself – especially when it’s cold and snowy.

Here are five things to do (or not do) if you’re involved in an accident this winter to protect yourself and others:

  1. Make sure everyone is okay — get out of the way if you can. The safety of everyone involved in a crash is the first concern. So check the occupants of each vehicle and call for emergency help if needed. Then, if the cars are drivable, get them off the road as quickly – and as gently – as possible.
  2. Stay in your car if you cannot move safely. If you cannot get your vehicle off the road, you can pull off the road, wait until there is no traffic, and then move well out of the way. Otherwise, stay in the car so that you are protected from other vehicles.
  3. Stay visible – and warm. Turn on your hazard lights and set up road flares, so other vehicles know something is wrong. And take your emergency kit (you have one, right?) for blankets and extra clothes. If you̵
    7;ve run off the road and are still in your car, make sure nothing is blocking your exhaust pipe. Otherwise, carbon monoxide can build up.
  4. If you are stranded, stay put. Running off the road in a remote area is scary, but resist the urge to try to go for help. You run the risk of getting lost, especially during a storm, if you set out on foot.
  5. See a crash? Don’t always stop to help. Being a Good Samaritan can cause more problems than it solves. So if those involved are not in immediate danger, call 911 and let the professionals assist with medical assistance and traffic control.

It’s not always easy, but keeping a cool head after an accident will do more than help everyone get through a stressful situation—it’ll help keep everyone safer, too.

And remember, if something happens on the road this winter, your Point Insurance agent is here to help with your car accident. So if you’re not sure if you have the right coverage, call now before it’s too late!

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