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Can you quote me if I have an open claim?

Unfortunately, most companies will not provide a quote if you currently have an open claim on the type of insurance you are shopping for. The reason is that companies need to assess the total payout and check that all repairs have been repaired properly. Some companies apply a fee for previous claims and the total payment is important. A larger claim may have a higher fee than a smaller claim, so if the claim is still open, the company can not yet assess which fee to apply.

What do I do if I have an open claim, but it should be closed?

Most companies are quick to close a claim after a final payment has been made, but if it is still open, it may be an oversight. Call or email the claimant adjuster to ask them to close it. . If this is the case, the email from the adjuster would help prove to other companies that the claim has been processed and they will usually approve the quote while the claim is still open.

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