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Can I get life insurance if I am overweight or obese?

Did you know that if you think you are overweight, you can still qualify for life insurance and even a "desired interest rate"?

When it comes to obesity, life insurance companies are much more forgiving than you might otherwise think.

If your health is relatively good, you are a non-smoker and you have no other underlying health conditions, you can still find affordable life insurance at affordable prices.

How affordable is life insurance if you are overweight?

  person weighed for his life insurance test for obesity

To give you an idea of ​​what prices you can expect, I ran some quotes for individuals in the age group 40 – 70 years. I was looking at a "Preferred" rating for a 20 year insurance policy with a face value of $ 500,000.

These life insurance quotes are for non-smokers and with relatively good health.

Monthly Annual
40 year old male $ 39.59 $ 455.00
50 year old male $ 96.57 $ 1,100.00 [19659017] 60 year old male $ 258.99 19659014] $ 2,910.00
70 year old male $ 985.69 $ 11,265.00

(Disclaimer – These prices are sampling rates only, subject to change, pending insurance)

AIG is one of the most consumer-friendly life insurance providers as they tend to place their applicants in a more favorable weight class to help them get a better interest rate.


  • Wide range of policies
  • Best for high cholesterol
  • Favorable Underwriting

Weight requirements for life insurance

A man who is 5 & # 39; 10 can get "Standard / Preferred "prices or better if they weigh 265 pounds or less. (If you are over 65, the same person can weigh up to 278.)

What if I weigh more than 265 pounds?

If you are 5 & # 39; 10 and weigh more than your lowered insurance rating, it will likely cost more if you weigh more than 265 pounds.

I have adjusted the prices to reflect a rough estimate of how much it may cost you.

If you weigh more, for example in the following steps, you will need to add this additional% to the quote listed above for your age group.

  • 266 lbs – 341 lbs – add 25% to 50% to the above quote
  • 342 lbs – 356 lbs – add 100% to 150% to the above quote
  • 357 lbs – 389 lbs – add 200% or more to the above quote

If you weigh more than that, you should know that a person of 5 & # 39; 10 can still weigh up to 420 kg and qualify for a "Graded "policy.

Existing health conditions?

AIG D irect specializes in insuring people just like you. From high blood pressure to diabetes, AIG Direct has seen everything and because they have access to several companies, they can find the absolute lowest prices! Click below to see if you qualify.

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Weight requirements are easier as you age

Did you know that as you get older, life insurance companies are even more tolerant of your weight?

That's right! Many insurance companies make it easier with how much you can weigh.

If you happen to be a senior over 65, the same 5 & # 39; 10 person can weigh up to 278 and still qualify for a standard / Preferred interest rate.

It is actually quite surprising how much the insurance companies allow you to weigh.

For example, many people who are 5 & # 39; 10 and are 229 pounds may think they are 30 to 50 pounds overweight.

However, some companies will approve that person in a preferred class. And if that person was over 65 years old, he could weigh up to 243 kg and still be approved at favorable prices.

As you can see, being overweight is not so much an obstacle to finding affordable life insurance. as you might have thought.

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Are You Going To Lose Weight To Reduce The Cost Of Life Insurance?

Many people think that it would be better if they could lose weight before applying for life insurance. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this way of thinking.

Losing a few pounds never hurts, and if you plan your life insurance period 2-3 weeks on the road and do a moderate cardio (always consult your doctor before you start exercising) and watch your calorie intake, you will probably improve your cholesterol levels , and may even lower blood sugar and blood pressure, than it will look good on your examination.

But you must also keep in mind that the insurance company will ask you if you have lost or gained 10 pounds or more in the past year.

So even if you have lost 10 pounds since you were last weighed by your own doctor, the weight you have lost may not be so beneficial.

Another thing to keep in mind to lose weight is that many people simply have trouble losing weight and keeping it off.

So what happens? They continue to apply for life insurance altogether.

This is not a good idea because you and your family do not have life insurance coverage and the insurance you eventually buy will be more expensive as you also get older.

Life insurance becomes more expensive as you get older, so do not postpone applying for it.

  Life insurance without a degree

Skip the needles!

Do you want to take the "pain" out of life insurance? We do not blame you! Bestow is one of our best recommended companies without a degree that offers 10 and 20 year plans up to 55 years. See if you qualify for "no degree" today.

Quotes are fast, easy, and free! [19659066] Life Insurance for "Big Boned" or "Muscular"

If life insurance companies take into account length and weight in how they classify you, will they not charge people who weigh more a higher premium?

It seems

Usually I would say yes, but what about big-legged and muscular people?

For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger saturated at 6 & # 39; 1, 250 kg in the 1970s. By many standards, you have to say that Arnold was "overweight". But he was obviously completely muscular.

If Arnold were to buy life insurance or someone with a similar construction, should he then be excluded from the best life insurance fees?

Here you need a knowledgeable life insurance agent. ] You want a wearer who will look closely at your chest and waist measurements to determine if you are muscular or just overweight.

Case Study

Here is a real scenario I came across for a very healthy man who was both big-legged and muscular.

I went the extra distance to get him the best possible rating for his unique situation.

His special case was a bit more complicated because he also had PTSD, but as always when I get in a tough case, rather than just "throwing" a few quotes out of my head, I sent out a request for a trial offer to over two dozen life insurance companies. ,
I have a very unique case.

Male, 52 years old, non-tobacco, excellent health, retired from the military after 23 years with 80% VA disability for a combination of (elbow problems, carpal tunnel and PTSD).

However, he's not your average PTSD guy! [19659002] He has an Rx (as needed) which he never takes. He is also listed by VA as "fully employable".

For the past 12 years he has worked as a department for logistics manager and earns 300K + per year.

The other special consideration is that he is 5 & # 39; 9, 220 lbs.

But he's not your average 5 & # 39; 9,220 pound guy either!

He's a health nut. For 37 years he has been an active personal trainer and former bodybuilder. He has 9.5% body fat.

He is very offended that other people who are 5 & # 39; 9,220 pounds who are not in good shape at all, could qualify for the same health classification as him.

The conclusion. This guy is a former military man and runs his life like a machine. Super health, do not drink or smoke. He wants to be ranked as such. Is this possible?

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What was the result?

I sent this man's scenario to a number of carriers who specialize in high risk cases.

The best rating I got was from the US General and they made a preliminary offer of "Standard Plus."

The reason I did not get a better rating of "Preferred" or "Preferred Plus" was due to the mitigating factor for PTSD.

An insurer told me that if it had not been for PTSD, they would have made a preliminary offer of a "Preferred" rating.

I know companies will give you credit if your chest is wider than your waist (they measure when the examiner comes out to take your blood).

If your breasts are significantly larger than your waist, such as a 50-inch breast and a 34-inch waist, insurers can usually give you points to get you up to at least one health class.

So, the bottom line is that if you are "big-legged" or "muscular" and in good health, then you want to use an agent like me who knows which companies are lighter in terms of your size.

Life Insurance and Success Stories

At Huntley Wealth, I back up my ability to succeed with real life stories, check out our testimonial page and see what other satisfied customers had to say!

AIG is one of the most consumer-friendly providers of life insurance because they tend to place their applicants in a more favorable weight class to help them get a better interest rate.


  • Wide range of policies
  • Best for high cholesterol [19659028] Favorable insurance

Find out if you qualify for special interest life insurance

Health IQ offers exclusive active lifestyle discounts. You can qualify if you are an active runner, cyclist, yogi, vegetarian, swimmer or other. Find out how much you can save!

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Affordable Life Insurance Policy for Obesity

Working with an independent life insurance agent gives you access along with research to many fantastic life insurance companies that you do not need to reach individually.

We can help you find the best rates for the insurance you need. If you have health problems that can cause problems with insurance, we can also help you through that process.

Whatever your needs or questions, call me directly at 888-603-2876.

* While making every effort to keep our site up to date, be aware that "current" information on this site, such as quotation estimates or relevant company information, may only be accurate from the last day of editing. Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. Contact your own legal or tax advisor.

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