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Business: Outsourcing vs. Employment | Blog

  Business: Outsourcing versus employment For small business owners, hiring and managing employees can be a rewarding but stressful part of the job. During uncertain times, you may need extra help but think twice about committing to an official. So when should you hire, and when can an independent contractor or outsourcing company fit in better? Here are some tips to guide that decision.

Long-term look:

Maybe you just need help with one or a few short-term projects. Or maybe you want to hire but are unsure if you will be able to offer consistent work during the pandemic. You may be able to work with someone on a contract basis in hopes of hiring them at a later time. Take a look at what your needs really are and what you can reasonably commit to.

Be Transparent:

If you decide to hire, be first with your needs, expectations and what you can really offer. You can get a good candidate who is out of work and willing to take the risk, simply because some jobs are better than none.

Get creative:

If you do not need someone with special skills and you are unsure of what the future will hold for your company, there may be ways to get your company's needs met without hiring a regular employee. Can you offer an internship or hire a younger person who does not have to trust your salary? Maybe your city has an agency that places people with developmental disabilities or offers vocational rehabilitation services. Look for ways to get the extra help that also benefits your community.

Developing relationships:

Maybe you need long-term help, but do not feel comfortable with the risk of hiring a long-term employee. Developing positive and mutually beneficial relationships with independent entrepreneurs is a way to find people you can trust and who know your business. Treat them well and give them work often, and it will be almost as good as having someone in the house.


Whether you work with independent contractors or employees, continue to communicate with your staff about where your business is and what your challenges are. No one wants to be without work, but it's worse to think everything's fine and then feel blind. Those who work for you will appreciate your straightforwardness and are more likely to come back on board if and when your business recovers completely.

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