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Bill Murray, Doobie Brothers play a round of golf jerseys

Actor Bill Murray and the Doobie Brothers are in a legal battle over the actor's golf clothing company's use of a song without permission. And it's getting ugly … in a funny way, according to legal letters published on Twitter over the weekend.

Doobie Brothers' lawyers sent a warning letter to Murray's company, William Murray Golf, on Wednesday that they used the band's classic song "Listen to Music" in their ads without compensation.

"It's a nice song", it says in the letter. “I know you agree as you continue to use it in ads for your Zero Hucks golf jerseys. … But given that you have not paid to use it, maybe you should change the company name to "Zero Bucks given." "

Then came the response from Mr. Murray's legal team:" First, I would like to congratulate you for finding the law in the law at a time when the world and this country can really laugh … We also want to confirm that both our company and the good people at William Murray Golf really are fans of Doobie Brothers music, which is why we appreciate your company's choice of "Takin 'It to the Streets" rather than the courts, which are already overloaded with "Minute for Minute" with real problems.

"Please give us the shirt size for yourself, Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, Michael McDonald and John McFee, together with which of our customers' shirts do you think is the least offensive, and we will be happy to upgrade your wardrobes and hopefully win each of you as new fans of the brand.



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