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Bicycle safety for cyclists and motorists

Since the beginning of the global pandemic Covid-19, cycling has become even more popular. According to NPD Research, sales of bicycles increased during the first month of the pandemic (March 2020) by more than 100%. With this increase in the number of cyclists on the road, it is now an excellent time to review bicycle safety.

In 2018, 857 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents, according to the US Department of Transportation.

By law, bicycles on the roadway are vehicles with the same rights and obligations as motor vehicles. Many accidents could be avoided if motorists and cyclists followed the road rules and behaved accordingly.

For cyclists:

Always wear a helmet.

As previously mentioned, there were 857 bicycle deaths in 201

8 and another 500,000 accidents resulted in emergency visits. About 2/3 of the fatal accidents and 1/3 of the emergency visits were head injuries and face.

Wearing a helmet when cycling can reduce head injuries by up to 85%.

When buying a helmet, make sure it has a Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) sticker. All helmets manufactured after 1999 must meet CPSC standards.

How to Select a Hemet

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