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Bestow vs AAA Term Life Insurance No Medical Examination // 2019 Showdown

In this post I will make a mini-showdown and compare AAA's life insurance without a medical exam product to Bestow Life Insurance product.

The worst thing about buying life insurance is the long and protracted insurance process.

You must handle exams, journals and telephone interviews. However, they have no investigated simplified products completely put the process to rest.

The price difference for a policy with a degree usually is large, but with the latest technical updates in life insurance space that the gap has decreased significantly.

The better these products become, the more companies will offer them, check out this battle between two heavy hitters in no graduation space.

Before we can compare the two companies with each other, it is best to go over who each company is, check out our quick overview of Bestow below:

While you are sure you know who AAA is, have You probably only discovered that they sold life insurance, check out our quick overview of them below:

As you can see, both companies are quite well rounded and have their benefits in terms of various benefits.

We compare them below:

Term Length Options

Bestow ̵

1; Currently, Bestow offers an option of 2, 10 and 20 years.

These different options cover you for both short-term and long-term life insurance situations.

They are the only company that offers a 2 year maturity. It was created specifically to get coverage for now when you figure out your future plans.

I'll say;

AAA – Currently, AAA offers an option of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.

While they

Term Length Winner: As for the term length option, I will go to must give this profit to AAA .

Death Benefit Options

Bestow – Offer up to $ 1 million in life insurance without testing and no waiting time.

] They are one of the only companies that offer this scope without a degree, you are either approved or denied.

AAA – While AAA offers better options for length, they fail in comparison to options for death benefits.

They only offer up to $ 250,000 in coverage for a non-degree policy.

Death benefit W Bestow – Currently, Bestow does not offer anything at all. As for the options for death benefits Bestow wins these hands.

Extra Riders

Bestow Additional Riders

AAA – At present, AAA offers a childhood stretcher and accidental death fee at an additional cost.

If you are an AAA member, there is also a saving of $ 60 per year with the exception of

Additional riders Winner: AAA wins this because Bestow has no extra riders.

Total winner

In terms of product benefits, AAA has more options; However, they are lacking substantially in terms of being able to choose a death sum.

When you get a quote, you cannot select additional options to see what your final course will be.

And then it is small to save if you are an AAA member, I do not like the idea of ​​becoming a member to get the best course.

I would have to call this a Tie.


There is absolutely no other product on the market with a faster application and approval process.

I've seen customers get a quote, apply and buy coverage for 5 minutes .

You will either be approved or rejected, there is nothing between which makes this a true simplified question without a degree product.


While AAA claims there is no degree at all, their disclaimer reads " … but if more information is needed, a quick medical examination can be completed in a time and place convenient for you. [19659041] "

This means that there is the possibility of graduation.

Total winner

The total winner of the application rate goes to Assign . It's just no process faster on the market today.

One of the most important parts of a life insurance will be pricing. How much do I cost per month.

I'm sure you can't believe in your eyes, but that's perfectly correct, the AAA prices are almost double the price of Bestow's prices.

When it comes to monthly prizes obviously, Bestow is the clear winner.

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