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Best Utah Rental Insurance for Apartments and Homes!

How Much Does Utah Rental Insurance Cost?

The average cost of rent insurance in Utah is $ 12.58 per month or $ 151 per year. Utah rental insurance is more affordable than the annual US average of $ 187 with $ 36 per year when renting an apartment or single-family home.

Who has the cheapest rental insurance in Utah?

Lemonade has some of the best cheap rental insurance rates in Utah, and they offer one of the easiest and fastest ways to get rental insurance coverage.

But renters should compare rates and insurance with multiple companies to ensure they get the best deal

With Lemonade, you can also package your homeowners' insurance and very soon also package car insurance to get even lower rates on your coverage overall.

What factors affect the rental insurance premium? [19659006] The rental insurance cost in Utah will be vary depending on several factors such as:

Where you live Different cities in Utah will always have different insurance rates, depending on the environmental risks, such as fire and crime. If your home or apartment has security cameras or if you live in a gated community, it can also reduce your costs.

Your deductible A higher deductible usually means lower monthly payments. Would you instead pay less monthly and more at once, or would you instead pay more monthly and a lower deductible if you need to use your coverage? It depends on what is best for your budget and your personal belongings.

How much coverage do you need What items do you cover? If your belongings have a value that exceeds the minimum protection, you may want to raise the limit for your rental insurance. However, such a change can increase the cost of your tenant insurance.

Insurance for tenants in a simple way.

Agents not required.

Get quotes and register online without talking to an agent. But we are here if you need us.

Impartial, expert advice.

Get impartial insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dubious sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get rental insurance. coverage within minutes of receiving your quotes and applying.

What do Utah tenants cover?

The rental insurance covers your personal property and your liability if you are legally responsible for any damages caused to someone else. Below we go over each coverage area in more detail.

Personal Property Protection

Personal Property Protection means that if something happens to your belongings, the insurance company will give you money to replace them at either cost or present value (depending on your type of property). policy).

Personal liability

Personal liability insurance covers you if someone decides to sue you after being injured in your house. The insurance company pays the legal costs and any settlement to the injured party.

Medicine payments

Healthcare costs go hand in hand with personal liability protection. So, for example, if someone sues you for injuring themselves in your home, this coverage will take care of their medical bills.

Loss Of Use (also known as Extra Living Expenses – ALE)

Loss of use protection means that if something happens to your home and you cannot live there due to the damage, your insurance company will reimburse your living expenses.

What items do Utah tenants cover?

In Utah, rental insurance, also known as personal property insurance, covers everything you own that is portable, temporary housing if your home becomes uninhabitable, and damage other people incur in your home.

Coverage options include things like:

  • Clothing
  • Computers
  • Other electronics
  • Appliances
  • Jewelry (up to a limit)
  • Medical expenses and legal fees of5 if someone is injured in someone else's property [406] Property
  • Weather – damage from the weight of snow, frozen pipes, lightning, or windstorms.

What type of damage do tenants in Utah cover? Smoke damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Windstorm [1965905] Windstorm [1965905] Windstorm [01] Water65905 impact in [01] Water65905 [1965905]) [19659052] Damage from the snow weight
  • Frozen pipes [Lightning
  • What does not cover tenant insurance in Utah?

    The rental insurance usually does not cover anything outside your home and may not cover property damage for all hazards.

    Below is a list of some things that are not usually covered by your rental insurance:

    • Bed bugs and pests – The majority of tenant insurances will not cover damage related to bed bugs, with limited exceptions. Together with other pests, such as rodents, they are considered a maintenance problem and are therefore not eligible for coverage according to your typical rental policy.
    • Earthquake and flood damage – Tenant coverage usually does not include earthquake or flood damage. Still, if you live in a high-risk area and are unable to obtain coverage for earthquakes or floods through your rental policy, you will need to purchase an additional policy for these hazards. But again, talk to your rental insurance company about these options, as they are often available as supplements.
    • Car Theft or Damage – If you own a car, the tenant's policy does not cover damage or theft. The best option is to buy a comprehensive insurance package that also protects your vehicle from collisions and weather-related damage. That way, your car and rental insurance can work together.

    Will the rental insurance cover my roommate in Utah?

    But the rental insurance does not cover any damage costs associated with your roommate's belongings unless they are included in the insurance and you split the cost of the rental insurance.

    The rental insurance covers everyone listed. on politics. If your roommate's name is on the insurance, they have coverage.

    However, we do not recommend that you add roommates if they are not related or a spouse. Adding a non-relative to your insurance can save you some money, but it will split the coverage between everyone who is assigned the insurance.

    So if your insurance covers up to $ 20,000 in damages, you and your roommate is only covered for up to $ 10,000 each.

    Is Utah Legally Required Rental Insurance? . their property. The landlord's insurance only covers the building you live in, so it is wise to consider protecting your property with rental insurance.

    Can a landlord require tenants to have insurance coverage in Utah?

    Yes, it is quite possible to have a landlord claim rent insurance in Utah . They can make the rental insurance mandatory and ask that their or the property manager's name be covered by your insurance as a "supplementary insured" individual.

    In addition to this protection, most landlords will also request a minimum amount for coverage when signing leases. by State .

    How to reach the UT Department of Insurance

    The best way to contact the Utah Department of Insurance is by phone at (5701) -9200 or toll free at (800) 439-3805

    You can reach the Utah Department of Insurance at the following mailing address:

    Utah Insurance Department

    4315 S. 2720 W., [Suite19659081] Taylorsville, UT 84129

    For more information about the Utah Department of Insurance you visit their website at:


    Where Can I Apply for Renters Insurance UT?

    Applying for rental insurance in Utah is easy and can only take a few minutes. The best way to get quotes and apply for coverage is online because most companies have a free online process that will deliver a quote in seconds or minutes.

    1. 1

      Get your personal information ]. You need your name, address and social security number. The online forms guide you through several questions to learn more about the rent you will be staying in and what coverage you need.

    2. 2

      Show your immediate quote . Once you have your information, you want to click here or one of the buttons above to start the quotation process. Once you have received your quotes and chosen the coverage option that works best for you, it's time to get covered.

    3. 3

      Start your online application . Once you have gathered all your personal information, the next step will be to start the application. Again, this will be easy by just following the instructions after you have completed your quote.

    4. 4

      Pay for your insurance and print out your insurance certificate . Once your insurance has been approved and paid for, simply print out your proof of insurance, and you are covered.

    Insurance for tenants in a simple way.

    Agents not required.

    Get quotes and register online without talking to an agent. But we are here if you need us.

    Impartial, expert advice.

    Get impartial insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dubious sales calls.

    Coverage in minutes.

    You can get rental insurance. coverage within minutes of receiving your quotes and applying.

    Taking action

    Rental insurance is a necessity for tenants who want to protect themselves from the unexpected. It covers your personal belongings in case of fire, theft or other disasters.

    In Utah, rent insurance is not required by law; Landlords may, however, refer you to have coverage before you move into your apartment or rent.

    If, after reading this post, you are still unsure which company in Utah to choose or how much it will cost, All you have to do is click here to get instant quotes and get covered today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does monthly rent insurance cost in Utah?

    USD per month in Utah; However, the average cost of rental insurance varies depending on the size and value of your rental property, so you may find that rental insurance is cheaper if it is worth less than $ 100,000 or more expensive for those with larger properties worth over $ 400,000.

    What is the best rental insurance in Utah?

    The best rental insurance company in Utah is Lemonade because they have some of the best coverage options, affordable premiums and can cover you in less than 5 minutes 100% online . Lemonade offers rental insurance in Utah for as little as $ 12 per month.

    Is Rental Insurance Worth It? example the cost of repairing or replacing furniture damaged by fire from a lightning strike.

    Can I Buy Rental Insurance Online?

    Yes, you can buy rental insurance directly online from most companies. Most of the top A-ranked companies have an application process that is 100% online where you can get quotes, apply for coverage and make payments, all without talking to an agent.

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