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Best practices for mass messaging and text messaging leading to results – InsuredMine

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According to CITA industry data 99.7% of the US population is in areas covered by 4G LTE, and 5G coverage is growing rapidly, which means that access to e mail and messages are just seconds! Researchers estimate that text messages have an average response rate of up to 90% and an average response rate of 45%. Emails have an open frequency of up to 16.97%, with a clickthrough rate of 10.29%.

This raises the question – how can you get better opening hours and response rates for your email and text campaign? The answer is by following intelligent email and text message etiquette.

The Purpose of Good Email Etiquette

The purpose of creating a high-profile email or text campaign is to update potential customers with your latest offers or information about your product or service. You never want to annoy them or spam them. Writing engaging emails is a critical factor along with a list of potential clients and amazing visual email designers. How to improve your open prices. Practicing these best email practices will definitely bring better results for your business as they will reach your leads inbox and avoid spam filters.

2 Email Methods to Follow for Better Response Rate

Here's what works best for mass mailings, and what to avoid.

  • Use a concise and effective subject line

An effective subject line influences your potential customers to go through your e-mail

  • Keep your e-mail content short and clear

Your e-mail should be short, concise and to the point so that your potential customers can easily read and understand your message.

  • Be polite and use a tone of voice

You want to appeal to your potential customers by being polite and considerate in your messages while talking about their experience and title.

How to start and end an email is crucial to increasing your response rate. Personalizing your emails with first name tags is a great way to customize your emails when sending them at the same time. Doing so will surely impress and connect with your potential customers.

  • Send Your Emails Within Office Hours

Usage times are usually when your potential customers will check their emails. In addition to normal business hours, your potential customer's emails can be downloaded with both internal emails and other sales related emails. So if you send your emails outside of your prospect's working hours, you run the risk of your emails disappearing into the mix. In addition, it is best not to schedule and send emails at the beginning or end of the workday when your prospect is either just about to start work or getting ready to go home.

Don't forget to include important links in your email, which may lead your potential customers to important websites for more information about your business and the products and services you sell.

Prepare two sets of emails for your campaigns and switch between these emails to see which one is most effective.

  • Ask questions during your campaigns

Create a conversation by asking your potential customers to respond on your email. A good example of this is a survey with a "yes" or "no" button that elicits a response from your prospect. This is a great way to increase your response rate and gather information about your target audience.

  • Include a button to unsubscribe

A button to unsubscribe is really important! It allows your prospects and customers to opt out if they do not need this type of email.

  • Get a List of Potential Customers to Avoid Bounce Rates

A list of high quality leads is an important thing to work on as it helps you get rid of non-functional emails and leads which is not in your target market.

Do not use different fonts and odd colors to bold or highlight your email. All this unnecessary formatting makes your email difficult to read and can lead to your prospect's spam folder.

Avoid using oversensational and overly promising words like "make money" and "double" because they are spam triggers. Using these words is a sure way to refuel your transparency and response rate.

Best Procedures for SMS

Now that you know why it's important to write engaging emails and follow best practices, let's talk about how we can be effective when sending mass messages.

Best 9 best text messaging practices to follow for Better Response Rate

  • Short, straightforward and simple text messages

People are busy, so communicate that you value their time by using cards, clear text that is easy to read. This will definitely increase your response rate.

  • Include Clear Calls (CTA)

Links with call to action help for faster communication. It also encourages your leads and customers to take action. This can look like a simple response for your potential customer to create or a link they can open when you're on the go.

  • Customize Text Messages

Be polite, let your customer know your name or company. Greet contacts and customers in a personal and positive way.

  • Send SMS Campaigns at the Right Time

According to Dan Zarella & # 39 ;s famous book & # 39; The Science of Marketing & # 39; the opening hours are highest in the early morning hours and 6: 00:00 is the best time to schedule your campaigns. Avoid rush hour, when people are either busy with work or relaxing. Avoid, for example, Mondays, peak hours, weekends, etc.

  • Limit the frequency of text messages

Do not send irrelevant mass texts to your customers. Send relevant messages that are important to your business and your customers.

  • Include an opt-out option

Include links to stop messages if they do not want to receive them. This allows your potential customers to choose when they want to interact with your company or organization.

  • Avoid requesting confidential information via text

Text messages are not secured because they travel over the operator's network and are stored on the operator's servers. Avoid asking for any personal information.

  • Do not use abbreviated words

Do not use abbreviated words such as "K" instead of Ok. You are sending a message to your customers and potential customers, not to your friends. So make sure you write in a professional way.

Words with VERSAL LETTERS indicate that you are angry, so it's best to avoid them.

Do you need help?

If you follow these best methods of mass messaging and emails optimize the results of your email or text campaign and will also keep you away from spam folders. If you need more guidance on this – contact InsuredMine . We can help you design e-mail and text campaigns that give better results.

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