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Best life insurance for young adults 2020 // Plus tips!

Finding out which product is the best life insurance for young adults can be confusing and very time consuming, it just makes you want to say, "have no time for it." [19659002] But guess what:

  best life insurance for young adults

You can get cheap life insurance as a young adult in an instant.

These insurances are super easy to understand, and there are no waiting times.

In this post you will learn how to buy life insurance as a young adult, how to get no medical life insurance, and I will go through when to buy life insurance.

What is the Best Life Insurance for Young Adults

The Best Life Insurance Product for a Young Adult will be a simple question Life Insurance often referred to as No Exam Life Insurance.

No degree life insurance is a type of life insurance that allows you to be covered at a much faster rate by avoiding the medical examination.

It is by far the best possible life insurance option and below are the reasons why these insurances are best for young people:

100% online [19659012] I can not remember the last time I actually bought electronics from a physical store, I I mean, I can go there to test the product, but I really will not buy it.

As young people, we want to be able to shop anytime, anywhere and yet without restrictions and the internet gives us that.

The days of waiting for an insurance application to be faxed are a thing of the past and buying life insurance online is the future.

You can now get an instant quote and apply online for life insurance as a young adult, all without having to deal with an agent.

No degree

I have not yet found anyone who likes the needle or needle, if you do it is your thing and I have nothing against it.

Most of us, however, prefer not to have to do an examination, not to have someone in our personal space who draws blood, checks our height and weight and takes a urine sample.

Has a policy that does not It does not require a survey that also speeds up the application process significantly.

Real-time insurance

So, traditionally, insurance is a lengthy process that requires the insurance company to keep your medical records, check your prescription history, check your driving record and also look at your history of applying for life insurance.

With real-time insurance, all this happens while you fill out your simple application.

The application asks questions based on how you answered the previous question and also collects information from the above reports seamlessly.

This process makes it easy to make an immediate decision.

Immediate approval

What I love most about these products is the ability to have a direct life insurance quote and approval.

Most sites say they offer immediate approval, but usually, after you apply for coverage, they explain how you will need to complete a test to get an answer.

A real product without a degree gives you only two options when you apply:

Application approved

You have been approved for coverage; you can make a payment and get your policy right away.

Application Rejected

You have been rejected for coverage. You should look at another type of product, one that may require an investigation or reach out to an agent.

Just remember that just because you were rejected for a simplified question or no degree life insurance does not mean you are not healthy and it does not mean you can not get insurance from another company.

Affordable Prices

Along with all the other benefits of buying a no degree policy, you can get excellent prices.

Right now I'm 33 and a 20 year old $ 500,000 $ no graduation policy for me would only be $ 27.00 per month, which is great because it's honestly just a few dollars more than other companies and I have to avoid everything poppycock.

No degree life insurance is simple.

Agents not required.

Get a quote and register online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

Indefinite, expert advice.

Get impartial insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dubious sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can not get any degree insurance within minutes of receiving your quotes and

Myths about life insurance for young adults

There are so many myths and just straight up lies when it comes to life insurance for a young adult.

In all honesty, if I had not sold life insurance for over ten years, I would probably believe the same myths.

Today I will put a stop to these and give you real answers:

Myth 1 – You do not need life insurance if you have No addiction

People claim that if you do not have someone you are responsible for, then you need as a young adult not life insurance.

The problem with this theory is that if you die, someone will still be responsible for burying you, unpacking your things if you had an apa rtment and other things that may not be thinking of you.

  life insurance for young people

The nationwide average cost of cremation is about $ 2,500 and the average cost of a funeral is close to $ 10,000.

Now, according to Smartasset.com, the average savings for people who actually have a savings account is $ 5,200.

This means that your parents or friend, whoever takes over that role for you, will either spend half of their savings or win & # 39; t have enough to help you bury yourself.

With life insurance that costs less than my monthly cell phone bill, trips to Starbucks (unless I use my rewards) or a few drinks while I hang out; there is no reason to be uninsured.

Myth 2 – GoFundMe is Life Insurance

This may not be an official myth, but enough people use this option to ask for money for a funeral.

Even as I write this post, people still need help with money to cover the final expenses of their family members.

Just look at the screenshot below that I just took from GoFundMe, these people are both young adults and if they had life insurance, this would not be required.

  gofundme is not life insurance

Now I do not take pictures of GoFundMe; I think it is an excellent platform.

However, it should not be used for life insurance as there are companies that offer coverage at very affordable rates.

Myth 3 – Life insurance is a waste of money

There is so much content on the internet that tries to argue that Term Life Insurance is not a good deal because your coverage will cease.

But the truth is that when your life insurance is up for renewal, you should have created a significant nest egg and paid down some debts.

Long-term life insurance will lock in your interest rate for the duration of the insurance, so the earlier you buy it, the more savings you will have in advance

You can also add family members when you have life events such as getting married, to adopt or have a baby.

The amount you spend on a life insurance policy will be much lower compared to other products.

Essentially, it's probably the best term life insurance and is definitely worth the peace of mind it will give you.

Should I get life insurance in the 20s and 30s

Wondering when to get life insurance is understandable, especially if you are in the 20s or 30s, but the simple answer is 100% YES.

You should get life insurance in the 20s or 30s because the earlier you buy life insurance, the lower your monthly interest rates will be and the more savings you can lock in.

  Life insurance for 20-year-old

I would say get life insurance when you are 18 if you have the funds or if your parents will pay the premium for you.

The main reason why you need to get life insurance in the 20s is that you will be the healthiest, it will be extremely easy for you to be approved.

When you look at life insurance for 30-year-olds like myself, I have a death benefit of $ 2 million in life cover, and I only pay about $ 129.00 a month.

Just think of this, I have all the time I have to build something good for my family, and if I were to leave before that, my husband would be financially minded.

When we have certain life events like having children, it becomes very easy to just add them as beneficiaries.

No degree life insurance will be the best life insurance policy for 30 year old young adults who need coverage quickly.

The best life insurance company for young adults

Bestow is Hands Down, the best life insurance company for a young person.

Bestow is a new entry into the life insurance world but they are supported by old and financially strong companies like Topa Insurance which has an (A-Excellent) rating with AM Best.

The reason why Bestow is the best is that they offer everything we discussed above, they are a true, no exam, simplified question Life Insurance Product.

They are now licensed in 48 states and are entering new states. Every week.

They also have a 2-year alternative available for people who are not quite ready to commit to a longer term or think about retirement planning.

You do not need a checking account or savings account to buy the insurance either you can just use your credit card.

I did a full and detailed review of Bestow so you can check if you still want more information about them.

Coverage for young entrepreneurs

If you work from home, are a freelancer, self-employed, small business owner or have some side prices, it is important to have life insurance and you can not afford to go without it

Being young and running a business will definitely be challenging, but you need to build a solid financial foundation and life insurance is key.

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for all aspects of your business, your savings and investments and your loved ones.

The product we offer gives you super fast approval so you can focus on running your business.

No degree life insurance is simple.

Agents not required.

Get a quote and register online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

Indefinite, expert advice.

Get impartial insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dubious sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can not get a degree insurance within minutes of receiving your quotes and

Get life insurance to cover student loans

If you are a student it is not a bad idea for you to have a life insurance about your parents have signed your public or private student loans.

There are several coverage options that keep life insurance rates low and help you save money.

If you were to leave before repaying your loan, your parents could end up on the hook for it.

19659104] There is no reason to let a life insurance survey prevent you from getting the coverage you and your loved ones need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should young adults get life insurance?

Yes, as a young person you will get the most affordable interest rate s and will find it much easier to get approved.

As a young adult, you are probably in the process of starting things like a new job, getting married or having a child; It is important that you have life insurance.

What is the best life insurance for young adults?

The best life insurance for you if you are a young adult is no degree life insurance without a doubt.

Mainly because it allows you to get up to $ 1,000,000 in life insurance 100% online and in under 5 minutes at an affordable price.

Is life insurance worth it for a single person?

Yes, life insurance is worth it if you are alone, because if you pass away someone will still have to pay for your funeral and final expenses.

It is not a good idea to leave that burden on someone else.

At what age should you get life insurance?

You should get life insurance as early as possible, even if you are 18 years old, get the life insurance because it will be super cheap.

How long should I get life insurance for?

As a young adult, your best option is a 20- or 30-year life insurance policy.

Do I need life insurance if I have no debt?

You should get life insurance even if you have no debt, because as soon as you pass away, there will be a new debt of about $ 10,000 to bury you.

Does Everyone Need Life Insurance?

Yes, everyone needs life insurance, there is no reason not to at least have some form of life insurance on everyone in your family.

Taking Action

Now that you know who has best life insurance for young adults it's time to take action.

To get some lifetime insurance quotes, you can click the blue button below if you are on a mobile phone or the scroll widget to the right if you are on a desktop (yes, some of us still use a desktop).

If you're a young adult, Cottonmouth in Kill Bill said it best, "Now it's F * king Time."

You should pat yourself on the back as you take steps to secure your family's financial future.

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