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Best 20 Year Term Life Insurance No Medical Exam Rates // In 2019

If you have been looking for a 20 year term, you might be wondering if it is the best option for you and your family.

But hear me out:

Did you know that getting a life insurance policy for 20 years without a medical exam is a complicated process and you could actually get quotes and coverage in less than 5 minutes?

 20 year term life insurance no medical exam

Today I will go about why you may need a 20 year term life insurance policy with no medical exam why it is one of the most affordable life insurance options and how to purchase coverage.

Is 20 Year Term Life

If you are looking for the most affordable life insurance option available, then you should probably look at the 20-year term option.

When dealing with term life insurance, you are going to see a ton of different options from 10 year term life insurance with No exam, 15, 20, and 30 Year Term Life Insurance.

The 20 year term policy is right in the middle and generally is going to give you the best of both worlds in regards to premium and protection.

This policy is best for people who need coverage for an extended period of

How Much Does 20 Year Term Life Insurance Cost?

The price of a 20 year term is going to be different for each person and is determined by:

Your Health Before anything, they will look at your overall health; this area is going to be different for everyone.

Your height and weight are also considered in an application for life insurance.

Therefore, you might be very healthy and take no medications, but if you have a below average or above average weight, it can affect your monthly costs.


Your gender is going to be a strong determining factor used in determining your rates for your 20 year term policy with no exam.

Your Lifestyle

Do you skydive? Drive race cars? Go Scuba Diving? Skiing? Anything like that or travel to exotic places.

Anything like that can affect your monthly premiums and make your rates totally different

Age is another factor that an insurance company is going to use when it comes to a 20 year term policy.

Determining Your Age

Life insurance rates by age

Tobacco Usage

The next thing that makes a huge difference in your term life rates is going to be if you are a smoker.

If you smoke, you can expect to see your cost almost double the price of someone who doesn't smoke.

This is the best reason to stop smoking; there are even some companies that will consider you non-tobacco user after just 12 months of not smoking.

Let's check out some rates below

20 Year Term Life Insurance No Exam Quotes & Rates

As we discussed earlier, no exam term life insurance policy for a term of 20 years is going to be the Life Insurance No Medical Exam Rates for Men

Life Insurance No Medical Exam Rates

Life Insurance No Medical Exam Rates For Women

* Benefits of 20 Year Level Term Insurance

policy which we discuss below:

Still Affordable Rates

20 year terms are still going to be affordable, actually, much more affordable than a 30 year term policy.

to actually have the best rates along with a very long term length.

Don't shy away from looking at 20 year term rates because they are probably more affordable than you think.

Your rates will be locked in

Another great benefit is that your rates will be locked in for 20 years.

As long as you pay your premiums, your rates will not change during your term, and your policy can not fall.

Even if you are diagnosed with a new condition during your term, it will not affect the rates.,
Policy Can Be Renewed

You can also change your term policy after 20 years if you are able to get approved through traditional underwriting methods.

You Can Convert Your Policy

Near the end of the term you will have the option to convert the policy into a whole life policy if you decide to.

However, keep in mind that the coverage amount will decrease significantly.

Your Kids Will Be Grown When It Ends

If you have kids, they are going to be at the least 20 years old when the policy ends and do not have the amount of support that they would have when they were younger

This is important to remember because you probably do not need much coverage and your house will be paid off or close to being paid off by then as well.

Your kids will have their own coverage at that point.

Disadvantages of 20 Year Term Life Insurance No Exam

Depending on your situation, the same things that make a 20 year term could also be

Your Term Will End … Eventually

Your policy will only last for the 20 year term, once that is up, you will either have to pay some pretty high rates or cancel the policy.

The goal is to have everything in order before this policy ends so that you no longer need the coverage and your family no longer would need the policy if you passed away.

and we still need coverage after 20 years.

A Return of Premium Policy Could Work Better

policy at the end of the term.

If you have your policy you will be given a check that you can use for whatever your hearts content.

Think of it as a savings account with a free life insurance policy attached.

It's The Second Most Expensive Option

A 20 year term is going to cost more than a 5, 10, or 15 year term policy.

While you might have your rate locked in for 20 years it will still cost a bit more on a monthly basis.

Who Needs A 20 Year Term Life Insurance Policy?

New College Graduates

If you are graduating from college, especially if you become an attorney or a doctor, you will probably be seeing a change in income and your lifestyle

Locking in your rates for 20 years will be great because you are about to start adulting and insurance is always an important thing to start with.

People In Their 30's

Life insurance for a 30 year old is going to be important because that age is where almost everything starts to happen.

If you have probably not been getting hitched soon and if you don't have a baby yet, They are probably on the way

You are solidified in your career and need to make sure you put maximum protection on your family.

To Fund An SBA Loan

If you a If you want to get a small business loan, you might be required to get life insurance before they can get the loan.

According to Fundera, long term loans can go 15 years so a 20 year term would be the best option for you.

It is also going to have super low rates and when you choose a physical life insurance policy you can have your policy issued in 5 minutes.

This way life insurance isn't holding up your loan being funded

Young Adults

Life insurance for young adults can sometimes be seen as unnecessary.

However, there is no situation where you shouldn't have life insurance. 19659002] Getting a kid, buying a home, or a new car.

It is a smart move to have some life you are finding yourself, and there is nothing better than a 20 year term.

It gives you

Add Your Kids As Riders

If you have any kids under the age of 18 you need to have them. as a rider on your term life insurance policy

This coverage is usually priced at all of your kids based on the amount of coverage.

So, $ 25,000 in coverage for 2 kids would cost the same as $ 25,000 for 5 kids

Some people don't think they need life insurance, but I think they need life insurance because their burials still cause an expense.

Best 20 Year Term Life Insurance Company

While there are some excellent no-term term life insurance companies to choose from, we haven't found any better than Bestow life.

Check out our quick overview of them below:

 bestow life insurance logo

About Bestow Life Insurance

Bestow is backed by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance. Founded in 1886, and as of today North American holds an A + (Superior) rating with AM Best

Bestow believes that great life should be affordable, convenient, and smart.

  • No physical exam life insurance
  • Tobacco & Non Tobacco Rates
  • No physical exam life insurance
  • ] E-Signature & Simple Applica Process
  • No Waiting Period
  • Accelerated Underwriting
  • 2 Year Term Option Available
  • Riders & Options

    No additional riders or options available on this policy yet as the accelerated death benefits , term life conversion option, or accidental death benefit rider.

    Simply Insurance Thinks

    Bestow is the most affordable simplified issue, no physical exam term life insurance product in the market.

    Bestow can cover you more than any product on the market.

    Want to learn more about them? Check out our full Bestow life insurance review.

    How to Get Life Insurance Policy Today

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