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Being ready for disaster across the country prepares people – Blog on legal insurance – March 9, 2021


Deductions and co-payments must be met and the patient's financial assets may begin to dry up. A family then faces expenses that become a heavy burden. The farm can not be liquidated until death, and costs such as mortgages and tuition will not be covered. The Group's legal plans must provide a solution, but not everyone will. Fortunately, nationwide prepaid legal services include payout terms among their group options.


Nationwide has a national network of experienced lawyers providing prepaid legal services. These lawyers will prepare wills for members of the group's legal plan. The lawyer gives our plan members priority status, and a socially remote conference can easily be arranged.

Additional services provided

Nationwide wants to add value to team members for legal plans. We include medical powers of attorney with the living will benefit. The medical powers authorize a person to convey the patient's wishes to the doctors. The advantage is the relief for loved ones: they do not make the difficult decisions.

Nationwide attorneys can also write letters and make phone calls on behalf of the plan member. An unlimited number of phone calls to a nationwide lawyer on a particular topic is possible.

Customers decide

We provide several prepaid legal services to our members in the group's legal plan. Nationwide, the customer is asked to choose which alternatives should be included in the plan. These choices are part of the final planning document and Countrywide provides administration. We further offer empathy.

Human Touch Matters

The possibility of dying is not easy for many people to accept. Plan members are aware of the tragedy caused by sudden accidents, but it is not easy to talk about a living will. Our lawyers understand the hesitation. Patience is not just a virtue but a job requirement from our legal experts. We insist that good listening skills should be included in a nationwide lawyer's toolbox.

The lawyer will carefully explain living wills and note the benefits of having one. A plan member may have some questions and the lawyer answers all the questions. A nationwide lawyer will offer some suggestions on what type of person should have medical powers. The usual decisions and actions that lie within the medical powers will be explained in detail.

We hope that our lawyers' sincere efforts will make a person feel more comfortable taking advantage of this valuable benefit. The discussion can also turn to the possibility of preparing a simple will. If the benefit is in the planning document, Countrywide will write a simple will based on the planning member's wishes. We will give advice, but we will not lecture anyone. The plan member makes the decisions.

If you are interested in Countrywide's prepaid legal services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will explain all our options and answer any questions. We can help your employees with common legal issues, and we welcome any opportunity to talk to you.

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