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Before your last summer trip, check your car insurance

If you're planning a last summer trip, your insurance is more important than ever. A car accident is likely to occur during the summer months, with August and September topping the list, as reported by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The streets, roads and highways are busy, with drivers driving large motorhomes who may not know the area or driving while tired, distracted or drunk.

You, your passengers and your vehicle should be covered by the correct insurance for a late summer car journey. A personal insurance is a way to protect you against the risk of a financial disaster.

Benefits of personal insurance

Protection against legal liability may be necessary after an accident for which you were partly or completely responsible. Personal insurance, or "personal liability insurance", protects you in the following scenarios:

  • A lawsuit is brought against you after an accident
  • You are responsible for the costs of a personal injury
  • You must pay for damage to property after having held liable after an accident

You may have some level of personal liability insurance through your homeowner, but these insurances do not cover you in the event of a car accident, so extra personal insurance is needed to protect against financial loss in the event of a car crash.

Minimum car insurance coverage may not be sufficient

Minimum car insurance coverage does little more than meet state legal requirements for the following:

Liability for bodily injury [1
9659014] This coverage is usually much less than necessary if a person is seriously injured. The cost of medical care and treatment can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Assume that your car insurance is the lowest required by the state. In that case, if you are responsible for a serious personal injury accident, you could be subject to a personal injury penalty. It happens every day. For better liability protection, make sure you have personal insurance in place.

Liability damage

The cost of replacing a vehicle that has been involved in an accident can be much higher than the coverage limits. Make sure you have enough car insurance to replace a vehicle. If you become liable for an accident, personal insurance can cover the cost of property damage.

If you happen to be driving in the wrong place at the wrong time, even an experienced driver could be involved in a serious accident. or may make a mistake with serious consequences.

Basic automatic coverage allows you to use your vehicle legally. Still, the insurance payment is usually much lower than what is needed if a car is counted or if a person suffers a serious injury. Before you go on the road, consider buying personal insurance, as your car insurance can be much smaller than you need if you become liable in the event of a collision.

The Best Personal Insurance – What's Right For You?

It can be challenging to decide which personal insurance is the cheapest and at the same time provide the best coverage. Our local agents can help you find the policy that provides the best protection at the pace that suits your budget. Instead of just buying the cheapest insurance online, talk to a professional who has your best interest.

Insurance companies offer a range of insurances and offer deals that can benefit you. We can show you the current best prices, companies and options and make the process much less stressful, as we make it heavy for you.

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