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August is National Eye Exam Month

Among all the senses, sight is very important. Critical tasks you do every day would change dramatically – if not impossible – without vision. For this reason, it is critically important to ensure that we check our vision frequently. That's why we have a national eye examination month to raise awareness and ensure healthy eyes everywhere.

There are some ways that poor eyesight can affect your life. In the spirit of national awareness of eye exams, here are some common vision problems along with how they affect your life.

Problem 1: Far-Sightedness and Near-Sightedness

The first ocular question that can cause problems, and the most common is nearsightedness and farsightedness. The onset of these problems can happen at any time throughout your life. Changes in your vision can occur due to growth or can occur as gradual degradation. The latter is particularly difficult because the degradation is so subtle and extends over such a long period; you do not realize how bad it has become until you put on glasses.


Problems with vision in these areas can affect many things. Especially the driving is tough. When using your vehicle, you continuously move your field of view from scanning the distance to instruments on your instrument panel. Without the ability to see any of these, vehicle operation deteriorates dramatically.

Problem 2: Ability to see at night

Another common area of ​​vision problems is night vision. It is very easy to believe that our ability to see at night is the same as everyone else's. In fact, night vision is extremely varied, and many people see better than others. Having your night vision checked and getting the right glasses to correct night vision issues is imperative. The only way to identify if there are problems with your night vision is to make a trip to the eye doctor and get an eye examination.

Problem 3: Ability to see color

Another condition that your eye examination will check for is color blindness. Since many of the visual signals used while driving involve the productive use of color, to identify these signals relies on the correct identification of colors. Taking a trip to the ophthalmologist and having your color vision checked should happen every year to ensure that no slow changes occur that lead to impaired pathway.

Problem 4: Peripheral Vision

The last problem you want to look at when it comes to your vision is peripheral vision. This aspect of vision is often taken for granted and we do not always see how important it actually is. However, peripherals are important subconscious indicators that can interpret and react to information before we even realize what is happening. This makes your peripheral vision a crucial aspect of your daily life.


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