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ATV Camping and off-road vehicle insurance

  ATV Camping

ATV Camping & Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Summer is the perfect time for an ATV camping excuse! Whether it's family fun or something new to do with your friends, take a long walk through nature, then the perfect way to take in the nice, warm air is to start shopping outdoors! Although you will probably be out in nature without encountering other campers, there are still some etiquette tips to keep in mind. Be attentive and respectful on your journey. Not only is it the right thing to do, it can help prevent accidents.

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Stay on the trail

Stay on the trail as you head towards the campsite. When it comes to ATV camping, the journey can be more fun than the destination, but it is important to be safe! Responsible riding is the key to a fun ride.

Leave no trace

The fun of camping in the great outdoors is feeling like you are in your own world. Do not let the next camper feel like someone was just there, and especially do not leave debris or other things for them to clean up. Not only is it harmful to the environment, it is illegal in most areas.


Keep privacy in mind when setting up your campsite. What happens if you come to your site and there is already a group there? Be prepared by choosing other places on the route so that you have a backup. If you choose to stay, give them their space. In some cases, you may need to book in advance.

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Check the space

Make sure you have the right tent distance for a good night's sleep. The wilderness has its own sound effects, avoid them from your colleagues by giving yourself space.


Campfires are a camping necessity, but can be dangerous. Try using an existing fireplace or build your own if it does not exist. Use a brush and branches that have already fallen from trees instead of chopping down the trees. When extinguishing the fire, make sure it is completely out.

Respect wildlife

Do not disturb wildlife when you are on your ATV camping trip. Avoid feeding them. Stay away from animals and keep your food and other belongings out of reach.

No matter where the road takes you, it is important to have off-road vehicle insurance. All off-road vehicles such as quad bikes and four-wheelers can be fun for the whole family, but are much more fun when you know you have a CT off-road vehicle insurance . Whether it's an accident with your property or a stolen vehicle, you just never know what accidents can happen! Do not stick to the cost of compensation or damage. Call an Encharter insurance agent today and talk to them about how you can insure your off-road vehicle .

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