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Are you experiencing delays in email? Save time and pay online

  Keller Brown Mailbox You've probably experienced it firsthand: email delays affect how long it takes to receive your email or email you sent to reach your destination. The USPS recently released a statement on the historic increase in demand for shipping during the holidays, reinforced by the precautions taken to protect both employees and our communities from coronavirus COVID-19.

Taking a Proactive Approach

As email delays continue to affect both businesses and individuals across the country, we recognize that this situation also affects the correspondence between Keller-Brown Insurance Services and our customers. Customers have shared their experiences with the delays, and she noted that she only knew that an invoice had been sent by checking online:

My automatic invoice was sent on December 7, followed by a reminder of the due date on January 4. I can see when they were emailed by checking my account online. I did not receive the first invoice until January 6 and paid online to avoid further delays with my policy. I still have not received the previous reminder!

Here are some tips to help you counter email delays:

  • Be proactive: Avoid delays by proactively checking the status of your online account. Just visit www.keller-brown.com/billing, select your insurance company and enter your insurance number and zip code. Most companies allow online payments by credit card or ACH from a checking account at no extra charge.
  • Create an account: Check if your insurance provider has created an account on their website or if you have the opportunity to do so. You may be able to handle payments and other transactions on their website!
  • Automatic payments: You can set up automatic payments with your bank or insurance company to avoid late payments or fees that affect your policy.
  • Call If necessary: ​​ Call times have been long for suppliers and customers trying to verify the account. Avoid the frustration of long waits and try to process your transaction online, call only if you need further assistance. If you are still unable to handle your online transaction, we will be happy to assist you with your payment at (71
    7) 235-6891.

Check your status online

Despite the ongoing delays in our area, we make it easy for you to verify the status of your account or online billing history – all you need to get started is your policy number and zip code. Visit www.keller-brown.com/billing, choose your insurance company and follow the automatic instructions. If the provider associated with your direct debit policy is not listed, see your policy. For insurance questions, contact Keller-Brown Insurance Services today by visiting www.keller-brown.com/contactus or calling (717) 235-6891.

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