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Are you buying a new car? Do not forget the insurance!

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Buying a new car is such an exciting experience. You have done all the research, you have finally found the perfect car and you are pulling the trigger and starting the purchasing process. But are you ready? Have you included all the information the dealer needs? No need to stress, here is a quick guide on what to bring when you buy a car!

1. Your driving license. Now it may seem obvious, but your dealer will need to confirm that you are a registered driver. Your driver's license will also give your dealer your address when you fill out some paperwork.

2. Proof of insurance. This is a great! The dealer will probably require an insurance certificate before you leave in your new vehicle, and you should always have it in your car, but if you do not have it you can always call your agent or operator to have them send you a copy. . To make this a more streamlined format, be sure to bring your insurance policy with you.

3. Trade Document. If you are planning to shop with your current vehicle to get your new car, make sure you take your title, registration and all loan / lease information.

4. Wage stumps. You should bring some new pay stubs to verify your income.

Being prepared with these items should make your car buying experience more user-friendly and you will be on your way in your new vehicle in no time.

But do not forget … call your independent agent to add your new trip to your policy! Sometimes the dealer offers to call your agent for you, but it can be complicated because the agent may need to verify with you first. To avoid complications, please reject the dealer and call your agent yourself.

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