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Are you buying a car? Talk to a local insurance agent first

What to Ask an Insurance Agent Before Buying a New Car

When looking for a new vehicle, one of the smartest things you can do is talk to a local insurance agent before buying. Why? A local agent can offer insurance tips and possible ways to save on your new purchase. For example:

  • What does it cost to insure the different brands and models I am considering?
  • Is there a significant difference in the cost of parts or labor for the cars I look at?
  • Am I entitled to any new car insurance discounts?
  • Do I need to make any changes to my insurance when I buy my new car?
  • Are there any coverage deficiencies that I need to be aware of?

Remember: If you When you buy a new car, proof of insurance may be required before you drive your new car from the site. If you are already a customer, your local agent is just a phone call away to help you provide the proper documentation to show the dealer before you take it home. If you are an existing ERIE customer, you can access your insurance ID card via your ERIE Online account

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Will buying a new car affect my car insurance level?

Chances are that when you buy a new car, your monthly car insurance premiums will also change.

This is because your car insurance level depends on a number of different factors, including the car you are driving. And every insurance company may look at these factors, such as your vehicle's safety rating and repair costs, differently.

In general, cars with higher safety ratings and theft protection can help lower your tax rate. But these features can be more expensive to repair after an accident as well. On the other hand, older cars may be cheaper to fix but they are often not equipped with high-tech safety features to prevent accidents.

When you get a quote for insurance, keep in mind that your driving history affects your insurance fee more than what you drive. So whatever brand and model you choose, it can be a long way to be a safe driver.

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What type of coverage do I need for my new car?

Your first thought may be to look for the lowest price, but do not let the excitement of a new car push you towards bare covers that can make you vulnerable to dangerous cover gaps.

Your local ERIE agent can help you find the sweet spot where you can get tailored coverage that protects you and respects your budget. If you buy a new car, be sure to ask about these options:

  • New car safety : That's right: Your new car is weakened when you drive it from the site. But that does not mean that your insurance coverage should either. With the new car safety endorsement, ERIE will pay the cost of replacing it with the latest comparable model year (minus your deductible), if your new car 1
    becomes total. And if you've had your car for more than two years, ERIE will pay the cost of replacing it with a comparable model that is up to two years newer and up to $ 30,000 fewer miles than the car's current mileage minus the deductible.
  • ERIE Rate Lock®: Avoid increases in the car insurance rate with the ERIE Rate Lock® function. Even if you have a claim, your prices do not change until you make certain changes to your car insurance, such as adding or removing a vehicle or driver from your insurance or changing your primary residence 2 . . 3 .

A local insurance agent can also explain what type of coverage you need to cover common types of claims, such as windshield chips or hitting a deer .

Buying a new car? Get a quote with ERIE

With the right insurance company, quality protection begins and ends with your agent. Read more about our car insurance cover.

Each ERIE insurance company comes with a local agent who is ready to go through the whole process and answer your questions – because you deserve a car policy that is personal, fair and affordable.

Contact your local ERIE agent and learn how we can help you protect your new set of wheels and travel with you on the journey ahead.

1 The vehicle is considered new when it is less than two years old. The endorsement is sold by car, not under insurance, and contains the specific details of coverage, terms, conditions and exceptions. Coverage is not available in all states. Qualified vehicles must have both comprehensive and collision coverage and compensation must be made with a comparable model. New vehicle replacement and better replacement of vehicles do not apply to rented vehicles. Only repair coverage and car rental / loan component apply to a leased vehicle. The coverage does not include items such as late payments and transfer balances from previous leasing / loans, etc. When payment is made during a new car exchange or better replacement of vehicles, car rental / loan coverage does not apply. Not available in NY or NC.

2 ERIE Rate Lock® Rates are subject to change if you add or remove a vehicle, add or remove a driver, or change your address or the location where you normally park your car. ERIE Rate Lock® does not guarantee continued insurance coverage. Not available in all states. Limited to three years in Virginia. The insured must meet current insurance guidelines. Premium can be changed if you make a policy change.

3 Decreasing deductible up to a maximum reduction of $ 500. In New York, comprehensive deductible can not be reduced to less than $ 50 and collision deductible can not be reduced to less than $ 100. Coverage may vary depending on condition. Not available in all states.

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