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Accuquote Life Insurance Company Review

  Accuquote Life Insurance

In general, my opinion of Accuquote, the online insurance agency, is very high … but after knowing several agents who have worked there, my Accuquote review will not be entirely positive .

Accuquote was founded by Byron Udell in 1

994 and is a pioneer in the term life insurance industry.

Accuquote was one of the first companies to offer fast, free online life insurance comparisons online.

Their president and CEO have been quoted in several insurance publications and many of his employees agree that he is passionate about helping people with their life insurance needs and a good employer.

Quick Guide: Accuquote Life Insurance Reviews

I. Benefits of Accuquote

Accuquote is an independent agency employing hundreds of licensed life insurance representatives.

There are many benefits to using a large agency like Accuquote but the most important is the fact that they can choose the company that is most likely to offer you the best price.

Sometimes when you run a comparison with life insurance, it is not always the company that is best suited for the company that appears as number 1 on the price list.

If you have any medical conditions, medical history, poor driving record or any other risk that would affect your mortality, each life insurance company will treat these factors differently.

Accuquote's representatives are doing well. equipped to help individuals find the best life insurance policy for them.

Another benefit you should be aware of is the exceptional training that their life insurance agents receive when they are hired.

I've been in the business for seven years and can tell you that there really are many things you need to get to know in order to provide quality service to your customers to steer them from danger.

This may come in the form of recommending another carrier because you have diabetes, and this company will treat you more favorably or it may come in the form of y  accuquote life insurance reviews, man holding both hands up and trying to explain the accuquote for woman our agent explaining the benefits of dating a policy to save age (and money).

II. The Disadvantages – Accuquote Sales Style

Really the only negative feedback I have found in my Accuquote Reviews has to do with their sales tactics.

I have personally known many agents who work or have worked there and they all tell me that while the work environment is relaxed and supportive, make no mistake, the agents are there to sell, sell, sell.

I have no problem with a company trying to be profitable and salespeople trying to sell, but I have a problem when I feel that the consumer cares about the process.

When I hear Accuquote agents talk about the pressure of making as many sales as possible, it tells me that they do not spend the necessary time explaining the difference between life insurance and full life insurance and helping them determine how much coverage they need .

Instead, they have an internal clock in their head that reminds them to close sales as soon as possible. and move on to the next!

This first sales attitude affects your relationship with your agent after the sale. Do you expect to ever talk to your Accuquote agent again after they send you a life insurance policy?

Forget it. They move on to the next business and have a minimum production level to meet each month.

This does not mean that you will not get an annual review, for one of the differences with Accuquote Reviews that I like, compared to the other major agencies, is if they have a customer service department that offers annual reviews.

Do not expect the call to come from the original agent who sold you the policy.

The bottom line is that I really like and respect Accuquote com as a whole. They are by no means a scam, as some websites report … but I think you will only get high quality service through an independent agent like myself, who works for a small agency.

At Huntley Wealth, we have time to review your case. Unlike Accuquote, we also keep in touch with all our customers, so you also get good after-sales service.

III. Accuquote Prices

Some people may think it's a scam to buy life insurance online, but it's really the way to go.

The companies that life insurance Accuquote com represents are solid, reputable companies such as MetLife and Prudential.

A simple Google search for "product reviews Accuquote" gives you the full list of carriers they offer.

You will almost always save money by buying a life insurance policy through an online agency over going to your local State Farm or Farmer's agent. Their life insurance products are a rip off!

Regarding Accuquote's pricing compared to other online agencies, there is actually no difference, as life insurance premiums are standardized across the industry. , Intelliquote or my agency, we will all have the same quote for a 20-year policy through MetLife, for example. The difference is evident in sales and service.

IV. Accuquote Reviews – Employee

Some employees have left Accuquote Life Insurance reviews on Jobitorial:

“This has been a great place to work. The people who excel at their jobs are rewarded and those who cannot get the job done (despite education and many opportunities) are released. That is how it should be! This formula has made it possible for us who do a good job to have jobs here and remain profitable during the bad economy this year. The CEO is very visible and accessible. "


" This has been a great experience, at least for me. I get to spend my time doing what I like … SELLING! The company treats people fairly. If you perform, you will be rewarded. The work environment is relaxed and the owner is very passionate about what we do here. "

However, it seems to be very difficult to be employed at Accuquote, as one interviewee reported to Jobitorial:

" There seems to be confusion between HR and the employment department. Questions about relocation, teleworking, payroll, etc. were always answered with "it depends." I had two rounds of phone interviews with the recruiter and got the same basic questions about my background, salary requirements and career goals both conversations. For my writing test, there were no specific details about the task … and the questions were not answered with anything other than "we want to give you a blank slate to write what you want." Later, however, I was criticized for not writing for the right target group … even if that information or requirement was not given to you  two people shaking hands gh I specifically requested it.

During the telephone panel interview, 3 people were on the call … but only one asked questions. Although the questions were relevant to the position, it was not an open or comfortable dialogue. It felt a little more like an interrogation of people looking behind a two-way mirror. ”

V. Accuquote Reviews – Customer Reviews

The company also provides customer reviews. Below I have listed some of them.

“Good people, very friendly. It's so good I thought they were too good to be true! Excellent job, we need service like this every place. ”


“ Wow … you deliver! Good customer service, follow-up and results! I will spread the word to reward you for a flawless process that will prove to be mutually rewarding for many years to come! ”


“ Excellent service and an outstanding experience! Good customer service in all respects. It made my transition from switching from my old insurance company to West Coast Life a smooth and easy one. I recommend AccuQuote Life Insurance to my family and friends! ”


“ We chose AccuQuote based on reviews from the magazine Money. The online offer went smoothly and we were pleasantly surprised by the relatively low cost of increasing our insurance coverage by a factor of four. The follow-up with AQ staff was very helpful and every step since then has been smooth. AQ made it very easy for my wife and I to get the coverage we need to protect our family. Thanks to all the staff! ”

VI. AccuQuote Services

Overall, they are an experienced, first class agency and I would recommend them to anyone. My only concern is with the level of service to their existing customers, as many websites, as well as agents I know personally, have confirmed that their ongoing service is not top notch.

One thing that makes Accuquote com unique, they are much more than a life insurance agency. They also offer financial services, disability insurance and long-term care insurance.

VII. Comparison of Accuquote Term Life Cost

If you want to compare quotes received on Accuquote with what my independent agency can offer, use our instant life quote form on the right or call us at 888- 603-2876 .

Take all the other Accuquote life insurance reviews you see online with a grain of salt, because they're mostly written by consumers who have no idea what they're talking about

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