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A quick guide to safe landscaping

Finally, the weather is nice and you have longed to tick a number of items from your list of outdoor projects. Some items can be large projects, while others are routine weekly tasks. However, every job requires a safety protocol so that you are not injured.

Safety tips for landscaping projects

The Christmas tree provides a detailed list of safety tips that can save you from a potential injury.

1. Know how to use machines

If this is your first time working with a machine, do not use it without knowing how to use it. Follow the instructions that come with it.

Learn to ask questions in the hardware store. Above all ̵

1; take your time!

2. Know what to wear

Each project requires different safety equipment. If there is a risk of ejected projectiles, wear safety goggles. If you are going to do heavy lifting, use a backrest. If the machine is loud, use earplugs.

3. Be smart with electricity

Electric devices are easy to maintain and you do not have to worry about using gas.

Even if they use power cords or rechargeable batteries, there are protocols you should follow to be safe with electrical devices. Make sure that e.g. make sure your equipment is turned off before plugging it in, and make sure you do not trip or disconnect power cords.

Maintenance tips for lawn mowers

Has your lawn become a jungle? Then it’s time to turn on the mower!

Here are some safety tips from Lawn Doctor:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the instructions for use
  2. Disconnect or remove the spark plug before performing other types of maintenance on the mower
  3. Drain petrol at the end of the season – start with new gas
  4. Clean the mower
  5. Replace or top up with oil
  6. Clean or replace the air filter
  7. Sharpen and balance the knives
  8. Dim the engine

Make sure you are covered about something makes go wrong with your landscaping project. If you take care of everything around your house, do not you want to take care of the home yourself?

Talk to your local, licensed Pekin insurance agent about home insurance and how it can help protect your home and what’s in it!

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