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A Cuban love affair (that's not what you think)

A good piece of writing a blog is willing to experiment and try new things. A few months ago, I tried something new to write a book review about Bill Wilson's When Words Collide. If you haven't read it, it's still online. Read it now.

Not long after the post was alive, a "young" man came to me and offered me to send me his new book. Let's be honest. I enjoy reading enough that if you offer to send me a book without offering me to pay for it, I am on board.

Then I met Bill Kirksey, author of a Cuban love affair. Now you wonder what (if any) this has to do with what I would normally write about. Give me a minute and I'll get there. You just have to trust me.

You're right, this book is just tangentially related to the insurance world. It's really Bill's way of telling his story from his point of view. It's about him, his family and their two great adventures; life and an escape from Cuba.

If you can imagine sitting down with Bill and telling him some stories, a Cuban love affair reads like that. He tells the story in a stream of consciousness in some way. This means that you can get a little lost between the trip's memories and the memories of life before the trip. The linear plot line in the story is how Bill and his wife Marta came to help their family leave the little island of Nation in Cuba in 1

980. In the story of that story, he weaves his life story and lessons he learned from his time in the US Army and his many years in the insurance recruitment industry. He jumps between the main story (how they came in and his wife's family from Cuba) and the traces that describe life before this trip to Cuba.

Insurance Connection? Bill worked as a recruiter in the insurance industry. He talks about how he started working for someone else. His story weaves into the days when his company had offices in California and Chicago. It also falls into the restructuring business of a small office of just him and a few others. The point of that? You will learn how he confused the storms of life when his business went through various cycles.

Why read it? Many strict business books put the cookies on the bottom shelf for you. They should tell you what to learn from them, give you admission and summarize everything in a neat package. It does not and it "probably because it is not a business book. It is a story. The story of a man and how he felt uniquely gifted to live the life that was before him. It is part adventure, sub-memorial, part love story and partial instruction in life and business.

You should read it if you like a good old story.You read about a man who seems almost bigger than life.You read about the courage needed to do something like, most of

You should read if you want to learn some lessons through the eyes of others. Bill does a good job about the things he learned along the way. many problems in their life and business and you will get away with some lessons for yourself.

Overall, I can not tell if it is for you or not. Only you can. What I can tell you is that it is a br a story, a worth telling.


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