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7 things you should know.

If you have refused to get life insurance, chances are that the money was one of the reasons. With all the concrete things that you need to spend money on (food, shelter, transportation) it is difficult to become enthusiastic about making room in your life insurance budget.

But if you look at the numbers, you can find that life insurance costs much less than you imagined. The average monthly cost of a $ 500,000 life insurance policy for a healthy, non-smoking 35-year-old is about $ 25 a month. * And depending on your life situation, you don't even need the big of a policy. (To determine how much life insurance you need, use our life insurance calculator.)

Twenty-five dollars a month. It is not much. To compare, here are seven things you might already spend more on each month:

  1. A daily cup of coffee. Depending on where you get it, a regular cup of coffee can cost almost $ 3. It's $ 90 a month. Bring your coffee home a couple of times a week and you can afford both caffeine and coverage.
  2. Go to the cinema ̵
    1; once.
    Two tickets put you back at least $ 20, and that is before you get your popcorn, soda and gummy bears.
  3. ATM fees. If you use a cash machine that does not belong to your bank, you can release $ 5 each time you withdraw money. Do it once or twice a week and you are out $ 30.
  4. Lottery tickets. What are the odds that you will need life insurance at your age? Much better than the odds of scratching the million dollar square.
  5. Your nails. A mani-pedi a month costs around $ 45. Skip the toenails and you can pay the life insurance bill.
  6. The gym membership. Let's not be wrong, we think a gym membership is a good investment … if you actually go to the gym.
  7. We would never ask you to give up pizza – it's just cruel. But if you order pizza more than once a month, it probably costs more than a basic life insurance.

Do you have $ 25 a month to protect your family? It breaks down to less than $ 2 a day. And it's incredibly fun.

Need help finding a policy that works for your budget? An independent agent can help.

* Prices vary according to geographical location, gender, age and medical history.

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