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7 Steps to Get Your Agents to Use InsuredMine DealBoard

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We believe DealBoards of InsuredMine is the lifetime of all insurance agents. You can get the pulse of your agency with a single glance; Some clicks on a button complete most of your tasks, and you can schedule your future tasks with just a click of the mouse to name a few. While user tools are being built up, a simple task that can be achieved with some programming and logic is the construction tool that gives clear solutions to the challenge. The most heard complaints about CRM and DealBoards are the low rate of adoption of agents.

At InsuredMine, we do not take this complaint easily. We strive to refute that stereotype by building common tools that can do extraordinary work for your agency. Beginning, with our understanding, logic and creation, each process takes into account the actual adaptability of the agents that the agents face and we create simple solutions for these issues. No matter how successful our DealBoards are, if we can't clearly explain the benefits of using them, we haven't succeeded. So here's our attempt to explain in simple words the 7 most useful benefits of using our DealBoards.

first All teams on the deck for decision making

Listen to what your agents have to say; After all, they are the ones who use the products that can make an impact. Take the time to understand their needs and give them an opportunity to let you know about their most sought after and least desirable features. Show to the agents that the agency's leaders are behind their commitment to choosing the best DealBoard CRM built for agency growth. DealBoards from InsuredMine can be easily customized, allowing agents to either select or exit certain functions. As they become more involved in the early stages, they are less likely to ignore and more likely to enjoy the overall experience. They will also become the brand ambassadors for the products and will train other teams on user-friendliness and flexibility.

2nd Educate, Authorize, and Repeat DealBoard Benefits

Educate your agents about the reasons why you use DealBoards and provide insight into the dashboard. Authorized agents make better decisions. Make sure all agents understand the benefits of accessing different reports at a central location. Mark these benefits with live examples that show how they helped other agents. Most agents make emotional decisions about new systems or products. So using testimonials and specimens in reality helps them make better choices because they can relate to the issues being addressed.

3rd Provide education

Regardless of how committed the agents are with product development, all benefit from a certain periodic training and a refresher course about the products. InsuredMine is proud to create products that require little or no formal education. In addition, since agents have been involved from the very early stages of development, it becomes a familiar area to adapt and use DealBoards. The major obstacle to getting agents to try new products is a reluctance to learn. InsuredMine eliminates this obstacle by starting with early involvement. Educated agents are motivated agents. They will be more willing to not only use but spread the word about the product to other teams.

4th Don't Overpower Your Agents

As mentioned earlier, InsuredMine is proud to make extremely user-friendly products that require little or no formal training. Instead of trying to provide a wash list of features that may not be useful, mark the most used and helpful features that can make it easier for an agent. Let the agents decide what is important to them and allow them to adapt. Improvise the most used features instead of providing a full system review, which will only overwhelm the agent.

5th Support Your Agents

Make all documentation available to all agents. Giving examples of images of the problem and the solution will help more than a long text of the same. With Easy DealBoards from InsuredMine, most agents can troubleshoot their problems, but our support team works around the clock to provide solutions if the agent needs help.

6th Encourage cross-group communication

Provide opportunities for all agents to interact, discuss, and share their experiences with DealBoards. Often, agents teach more of other agents than scheduled training sessions. Almost all agents face similar problems in terms of their sales, customers and services. Providing and promoting communication in cross-collaboration helps employees share important information and learn in real time.

7th Keep integration steps to a minimum

Integration and customization is always a cause for concern for new implementation. Keeping the disturbances to minimum levels can make the process less daunting. Also give input during development to get the new application to become familiar with the former. InsuredMine offers some of the industry's best DealBoard CRM applications that are easy to adopt and seamless to integrate. There are very few steps involved in the front part of the process due to a robust baking process. Agents have on several occasions testified about the user-friendliness and adaptation of the InsuredMine products.

As stated earlier, InsuredMine is behind every step of an agent's journey to build a successful agency. Our product package, including DealBoards, Mobile Apps, Chatbots and a host of other products is intuitive and easy to use. In a short time, the agents begin to recognize the difference. InsuredMine tools can make their efforts to maximize time and resources.

  Sridevi Talluri

Sridevi Talluri

Sridevi has been with InsuredMine since its inception and writes about InsuredMine on several platforms, including social media, blogs and the web. She strongly believes that content development is the beginning of all communication. She holds a degree in biological sciences from an Indian university.

  Sridevi Talluri

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