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7 Smart and stylish ideas for your mudroom

Mudroom is a place in your home where you can excuse a bit of a mess. After all, the word "clay" is in the name, right?

It is true that there is nothing glamorous to correlate your family's shoes, coats and backpacks. But just because the mudroom serves as a transition between your home and the equipment in nature does not mean that it has to be messy.

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With the right perspective you can turn this working room into a space that is not only functional – but also elegant.

So how do you take a certain order to a room designed for chaos? We recommend you try these ideas:

  1. Install cabinets or cubbies. These storage solutions are not just for classrooms. Assign a space to each family member and install some jacks to maximize your storage space. Be sure to keep the place open for shoes and hats for coats, backpacks or sports equipment. If you feel extra brave, let your kids decorate their own locker or cubby to their taste or style.
  2. Use a bookshelf. If you do not have room for cabinets and cubbies, or they do not seem like the right fit for your space, a bookshelf can be a good option for elegant storage. Adjust the space between the shelves to give the right amount of space for shoes, boots or other items you want to store. And consider installing hooks to create a place to hang on jackets, hats or bags.
  3. Put a tray for boots. Do you want to keep clay out of your mudroom? Boot trays are an easy way to limit the amount of dirt, clay and water coming on your tile floor or carpet. These trays are a cheap buy from most home stores, but you can always use an old baking tray if you are in a pinch. To keep your space fresh, be sure to give the tray a quick wash with the hose when it looks dirty.
  4. Hang a wall clock. When you drive late and need to check the time, it always helps to get a clock nearby. This is especially true when your hands are full of rippling children or with bags. As the primary walkway for your home, a mudroom wall space is a great place for a watch. And it's an easy way to add a contact point or a color stick to the room.
  5. Mount a message card. A blackboard, blackboard or corkboard can be a great way to share messages with your children or other family members when they come and go. You can post important information such as schedules, homework assignments, chores, grocery stores and other to-dos. Encourage everyone to use it as a central place of communication in your home.
  6. Add a bench. When you're ready to take off your shoes after a long day at work, it's nice to have a place to sit down. And if you have toddlers, a bench in your mudroom is a great place for them to get out of the door. It is also a good way to avoid tracing clay, water or snow further into your home.
  7. Choose colors that flow. Just because your mudroom is a tool-focused space doesn't mean it has to feel like one. Choose a color that creates a natural flow to the space it is connected to, whether it be your kitchen or living room. And remember that bold colors and patterns can give this little room a great presence. Be sure to choose colors and materials that are easy to clean.

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