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7 family-friendly games to play in the pool this summer

Sure, you might be happy to float aimlessly in a pool, possibly with a drink in hand, your kids might need a little more structure to make pool time as enjoyable as possible. Helping them with that is also a great way to get them into healthy family activities without them realizing it – and to build a lasting bond between you and your children.

Because we take your fun seriously, and strive to make your life less difficult, we sourced some pool-based healthy activities for family time from an expert: Rochelle Baxter, a triathlete, parent, and trainer for our favorite fitness app, Aaptiv. (A free subscription is available through Haven Life Plus, a bonus rider for eligible Haven Term policyholders.)

She gave us four great ideas for fun pool games, and we added a few favorites of our own. Whether you̵

7;re heading to your neighborhood public pool, splashing around at a pool party in someone’s backyard, or enjoying a hotel pool on your summer vacation, they’ve got you covered for a long summer of safe, healthy fun.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Ring toss

“Get some water rings that sink into the pool,” says Baxter. “Depending on the child’s swimming level, you can throw the rings in the shallow or deep part. This will help the child learn to hold their breath, reach for the ring and, more importantly, learn the feeling of achieving a small goal.”

The game also helps children get used to opening their eyes underwater (and/or using goggles). Swimming while holding your breath and fighting against your natural buoyancy is also good exercise.

Water relays

“I would say this activity is more for kids who have swimming experience,” says Baxter. It also works for different numbers of children: If there are more children, just have more teams or more lengths per race.

You, the adult, set up teams and choose the start and finish line, then the children compete. Someone has to say “Ready, Set, Go” and then judge who won the race, so this is great when you want your kids to work hard while you sit by the pool.

Treasure hunt

And by “treasure,” we mean “cheap pool toys.” “Get some small children’s water toys that either float or sink. Place the toys on the ladder in the shallow part. Ask the children to find the water toys and reach out and grab them,” she says.

“If the child is a beginner swimmer, make sure you’re around to help and supervise them. This activity really helps young children become comfortable in the water,” says Baxter.


“Get some kickboards and even some fins (optional). Have your child lay on the kickboard and move the board through the water as they kick. Because you’re holding the board, it will give them confidence to kick on their own,” says Baxter.

It also provides a solid parent-child activity. “Fins are a very useful tool with this activity as well,” she says. “Tell the kids to kick fast or slow,” depending on their ability and how much energy you want them to burn off before dinner.

Sharks and minnows

This is basically a version of the thorn in the water. The kid who is the shark is “It” and moves to the center of the pool. When he or she says (or, more likely, yells) “go,” the other kids jump in and try to get to the other side of the pool while the shark tries to tag the other players. Each child tagged becomes a shark (and then “It”) and the game continues until only one minnow remains.

That minnow is your winner – and the next round’s opening shark. (More advanced kids may also enjoy freeze tag or Marco Polo.)


This is also an aquatic version of a well-known land game. The children spread out around the pool and pass a beach ball to each other, trying to keep it out of the water. Encourage them to count how many times they can pass the ball before it hits the water. It’s good exercise, builds coordination and it’s fun.


It may not be the most worthy name for a children’s game, but it is an honest one. This is great for younger kids, including kids without a pint-sized playmate on hand. You sit on the edge of the pool and throw whatever you have on hand that will float (even your pool slides) past your child, then they go get it. Young children love this, and it helps them learn to swim while carrying objects, helping them become more skilled and confident in the water.

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Our editorial policy

Haven Life is a customer-centric life insurance agency supported and wholly owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). We believe that navigating life insurance decisions, your personal finances and overall well-being can be refreshingly simple.

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