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6 tips to prepare you for power outages

We rely on electricity to keep us warm, keep our homes lit, cook, heat or pump water, and to entertain us on our televisions and other devices. A power outage can be a short-lived annoyance or last for several days. It's worth it, with changing weather systems, to have a plan in place so that your family stays safe in the event of a prolonged power outage.

Keep a stock of ready meals and drinks on hand
The last thing you need is to get run out of food and drink during a power outage. Have a variety of preserves, protein bars, dried fruit, peanut butter or other peanut butter, canned juices, cereals and indestructible milk or milk without dairy, and plenty of water in your home that you are prepared for.

Create. an emergency kit
Every home should have an emergency kit that is fully equipped with everything you may need in the event of a prolonged power outage. Provide it with a first aid kit, water purifying tablets, flashlights, space blankets, a battery-powered radio, batteries, a battery-powered cell phone charger and extra prescription medications that may be needed in an emergency.

Equip your Home with a safe power generator if possible [1

9659003] You can keep your basic home systems working if you have a home generator, but make sure it is outdoors and if it is a gas generator so that no exhaust fumes enter your home. If it's a gas generator, keep safe access to fuel in an area inaccessible to children and away from heat sources.

Check Your Neighbors
It is important that you help your neighbors if they need it, especially the elderly . Check them and give any help needed, such as contacting their relatives, providing food or other help. When a prolonged power outage occurs, society must come together.

Stay Together
Keep your family together if you plan to go out. Losing control of a family member can be dangerous and extremely stressful. If your home is cold due to a power outage, staying close to each other will also help you stay warm.

Surviving a Heatwave
A power outage during a heatwave is especially dangerous for everyone, especially the elderly and infants . Prepare to leave your home if needed. Store ice in the freezer and an ice box so that if the power is off, certain foods and important medicines can be stored cold. Apply bags of cold ice and water on the neck, head and other body areas and drink plenty of water. Find a local refrigeration station if possible. Keep your vehicle full of petrol, instead of driving it down to the ground, as if a power outage occurs, you will not be able to fill it.

Power outages and your insurance coverage
Your insurance coverage can be an important issue if your home has damaged by fire, flood, earthquake, storm or other natural disasters. It is important that you understand what coverage you have and that you and your family are protected in the event of a disaster that leads to a power outage or other challenging situation. Contact our local agency to speak to one of our team. We are happy to review your policies and make sure you have everything you need to protect your home and family at the lowest prices.

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