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6 tips for preparing an opening for small businesses in the spring.

Spring is in the air, which means your small business may be ready to reopen. After a long winter and tough conditions, this is a good time to update and keep your space inside and out – and even online.

Improve security and get ready for a year of success with these small business opening tips: [19659003] Clean your space. Start the spring cleaning with a little elbow grease. Declutter and disinfect your space with special attention to areas that are often affected.

  • Organize inventory. If you have stock or goods, take the time to arrange it properly. Not only will it increase efficiency, it will help prevent excursions, falls and accidents at work.
  • Review and repair damage. Damaged snow or ice The building's roofs, gutters, facade or pipes? Perform a thorough inspection before reopening and repair damage immediately. Doing so can save you more money along the way.
  • Performs a digital cleaning. Spring cleaning can apply to more than your physical space … it can also apply to your online and digital presence. Take the time to clean your desk. Unnecessarily clear the clutter so you know where important information resides. This is also a good time to back up sensitive information to the cloud or to an external hard drive in the event of a flood, fire, theft or machine shutdown.
  • Update passwords online. When did you last change your company password? The more often, the better. Use your spring opening as a time to create new, secure passwords. You can follow these six tips for increased protection.
  • Think about your coverage. Does your company have all the coverage it needs? Have you expanded your services or product range? Take a moment to review your prices and coverage. Talk to your local, independent agent to see if there is anything you should add, or if you can gather policies for a better interest rate. Businesses small and large benefit from proper coverage, and yours would too. Get started today.

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