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6 Safety Tips for Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy delicious food with loved ones. But getting to the party safely is not always possible. Around a thousand home fires occur every year caused by accidents with roasting turkeys. As you prepare for Thanksgiving this year, keep your food and your home intact. These six safety tips for frying a turkey can help ignite the holiday spirit and stop dinnertime disasters.

  1. Find the right place. The first step in frying a turkey is to find a safe place outside. Set up at least 10 feet from any structure such as your home, neighbor’s home or garage. Place the equipment on a flat, stable surface to reduce the risk of oil spills or fires.
  2. Wear protective equipment. Even when you do everything right, oil can find its way to you. Cover yourself with thick clothes, an apron and oven mitts. Wear safety glasses when tucking into the turkey to go the extra mile. Oil burns are no fun, so this can be a big help in preventing them.
  3. Make it an adult zone. Holidays can mean chaos with kids, extra guests and pets running around. Set clear rules for everyone at the party to watch out for children and keep them out of danger zones. To be extra safe, limit fryer help to those wearing the right kind of clothing.
  4. Use a thawed and dry turkey. Water and oil never mix well. When they do, oil can bubble furiously and lead to spills. Make sure your turkey is thawed and completely dry before you start roasting. And of course, always be careful when you put the turkey in the fryer because there can still be bubbles.
  5. Be ready. Oil fires are some of the most difficult to put out. Before you start heating the oil, place a fire extinguisher within reach. If a fire starts, refer to these tips for putting out a grease fire and call 911. Fires are unpredictable and difficult to control, so if it starts to get bigger, let professionals help.
  6. End on a strong note. After roasting your turkey, keep the cleanup just as safe. Allow the oil to cool completely before attempting to clean the fryer. Then store and dispose of it safely.

No matter how you choose to prepare your turkey this year, make sure it’s done properly with our six tips. Then review your homeowner’s insurance policy with one of our local, independent agents to get extra protection throughout the holiday season.

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