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6 best packages for home and car insurance 2020

  bundling of home and car insurance

Although the term "homeowner" can sometimes seem like a responsibility to the property itself, the family you share it with and their needs are most important.

Having said that, protecting the former is often intertwined with looking out for the latter's well-being.

Taking out a homeowner's insurance policy is one of the most direct and comprehensive ways to put a robust safety net on your home. The

plan should include a strong set of standard protections (housing, personal property, responsibilities, extra living expenses, detached structures) as well as any riders you may want to add, such as flood or earthquake coverage.

And do not forget to make sure that the coverage limit for each of these categories corresponds to your house's likelihood of experiencing specific hazards!

6 of the best companies 2021
for home and car insurance packages

  1. Progressive
  2. Sta te Farm
  3. Farmers
  4. Allstate
  5. Travelers
  6. Nationwide

Our team took the time to research some of the best home and car insurance packages and the providers that offer them.

While the final decision on an issue that is so important is yours alone, any of these six companies (and bundles) may ultimately be perfect for you and your family's unique needs.

1. Progressive

  progressive home and car insurance logo Lots of people who have never bought insurance in their lives have heard of Progressive due to the supplier's thorough advertising campaign: the long-running TV commercial with Flo and her relentless efforts to keep people informed about the benefits of Progressive's insurance offerings.

In fact, some of the recent ads have focused on the savings that policyholders can achieve by bundling (you guessed it) home and car coverage. [19659003] But if the company was not more than an industry insurance company with a well-known commercial campaign, it would not have come to this list. Progressive made a name for itself in the strength of its car coverage products and currently offers more than 25 other types of insurance in addition to these car plans.

As such, it should come as no surprise that the company accounted for the fifth highest market. share of the US insurance sector in 2017 by 4.31%, according to the annual market share report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

It should be noted that not all of these insurances are directly insured by Progressive as car insurance is; For those products, the company matches individual customers with partners that it deems most suitable for them based on situation information that they offer.

Progressive says on its website that members save an average of $ 1,029 a year by bundling homeowners and car insurance. The company attributes these statistics to "a survey of new policyholders who saved home and car insurance through Progressive", which is available across the United States

Your individual claim history, property value and Kelley Blue Book on your car will all affect that figure for good and hurt, but it is reasonable to assume that the average that the site provides is reliable. Getting a quote online only takes a few minutes and requires you to submit a relatively small amount of personal information; for example, no social security number is required.

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2. State Farm

  statefarm home and car insurance package logo NAIC's previously mentioned report had State Farm at the top of the list, with a share of 10.05% of the US insurance market, almost twice as high as Berkshire Hathaway's second place 5.95 %. (No wonder the company has been able to pay the bill for starring NBA superstars like James Harden and actors like Terry Crews in their TV commercials!)

But seriously, State Farm established its position as one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. due to the wide availability of its coverage (all 50 states) and the scale of its independent agent network (almost 20,000 people).

Unlike some of the other major coverage providers, State Farm directly takes out its insurance, and only its direct agents can sell State Farm products.

Home and car insurance is State Farm's bread and butter. It therefore makes sense that the company offers a savings opportunity for customers who buy these products together. If you bundle home and car insurance together, State Farm claims on its website that you can save up to 17% on your regular premium costs.

You also pay less if two or more vehicles in your household are owned by your family members are insured by State Farm.

To receive a quote online, certain personal information is required, including your social security number. However, if you do not want to share that information over the internet, you can find an agent in your area to call, and after the conversation is over, you will receive a quote by email in about 30 minutes.

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3. Farmers Insurance Group

  logs for cars and home insurance for farmers Although not on par with any of the industry's other giants in terms of market share (3.08% in 2017, ninth largest in the US according to NAIC's 2017- report), Farmers Insurance has a strong reputation for the quality of its customer service.

The company's bona fides in that area go back to shortly after its founding, during the Great Depression, when it was one of the only insurance companies in America that could pay out claims to customers in cash. Today, it has an average NAIC complaint rate of 0.54 and saw only 76 complaints in 2018.

Farmers offer discounts to customers who bundle multiple insurance lines in the same insurance, including a combination of home and car, even if they do not. & # 39; Do not enter a percentage or other figure that quantifies that discount.

If you choose Farmers, be sure to ask about other car discounts you may be eligible for, some of which are state specific. Other general discounts are available to be damage free for several years; the more the better.

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4. Allstate

  Allstate Home and Car Insurance Logo Unlike State Farm and Progressive, Allstate is best known for its car insurance offerings; in fact, it's what started the company in 1931 by Robert E. Wood, chairman of Sears Roebucks.

It was also diversified into a number of other avenues of insurance business, including tenants, businesses, life, investment and pet health. reporting. Auto is still one of Allstate's most popular products, but its executives understandably want to remain competitive across multiple levels in the industry. Their efforts seem to have paid off, based on the company's 4.88% share of the US market.

If you choose to collect car insurance from Allstate with one of its homeowners' coverage plans, the company claims that you can save up to 25% of your regular costs, even if it does not qualify if these are cumulative savings over time or annual premiums .

Nevertheless, due to the company's wide range of additional home and car discounts (adding home security devices, such as claim-free, setting up automatic payments and others) you have a great chance of paying less than you would without collecting your policies .

Getting a quote online takes only a few minutes in most cases and does not require you to submit overly sensitive financial or personal information. Under certain circumstances, such as trying to insure a home near one of the country's coastlines, Allstate will not offer a quote online but will find the nearest agent near you and provide the necessary information to email or call the seller.

5. Travel insurance

  logo for travelers' car and home insurance Other suppliers may get Travelers Insurance Group beaten in terms of market share or scope of available insurance products, but few keep a light on it so far the industry experience.

The company was founded in 1853 and is the USA's oldest insurance company by a significant margin. It has struggled to maintain a strong presence in the sector over its 150-year history, with NAIC's market share identifying it as the sixth largest real estate and claims coverage company in the United States due to its 3.85% share of the nation's insurance business. .

Travelers offer discounted rates to customers who take out both car and home coverage and say that those with existing car policies from the company will save up to 15% on home insurance coverage through bundling.

It also claims that additional savings are possible if you add other travel products to your supplement of insurance, including umbrella liability insurance, boat coverage and other plans.

6. Nationwide

  nationwide car and home insurance logo Rounding out the top ten insurance companies in the United States for 2017 is Nationwide, with a market share of 2.98%. The company's range of coverage products includes everything from standard home, car and life insurance to specialized plans for travel, animal health, weddings and identity theft. You can quickly start the quotation process online or find a local agent to help you.

Nationwide gives a discount to their customers if they choose to collect their home and car insurance (or other products). It claims that the combined home and vehicle policy can save $ 710 per year in total insurance costs, based on average annual savings that members experienced in 2018.

Since the company also offers a significant number of other discounts on both halves of bundle coverage, they can The actual savings you see are even greater. That being said, your claim, driving record, property values ​​and other factors will determine the ultimate price of your accompanying policy.

Bundling Home and Auto Insurance Policies

Your house is just one of the properties that are central to you and your family's everyday life. In many ways, your cars are just as important. If you do not live in a large district with extensive and reliable public transport, it is not negotiable to own at least one car.

In addition, you may well choose cars with your teenage children somewhere. likely to try to compromise by steering them towards the safest vehicle that is not minibus available.

Each of these vehicles will need the protection measures offered by a car insurance company, especially those run by beginners in your family. Homeowners insurance is not necessarily cheap, especially if you are looking for comprehensive coverage, and adding a solid auto plan to the overall bill may seem like a less favorable option.

But do not panic, because there is a clear solution. The phrase "putting all your eggs in one basket" is generally associated with negative connotations due to the implication of laziness and / or loneliness with which it is associated.

But when it comes to insurance, sticking to one provider for multiple needs is not necessarily bad. Many insurance companies offer packages that give you remarkable discounts if you link one homeowner's policy with another of their coverage plans.

Car insurance is the most common product that insurance companies allow their customers to use in package discounts. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute cites bundling as one of the best ways to save on car coverage, so it may be just what you need.

* While doing our utmost to keep our site up to date, be aware that "current information on this site, such as quotation estimates or relevant company information, may only be accurate as of the last day of editing. Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. Contact your own legal or tax advisor.

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