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$ 500,000 Life insurance without exams // Get immediate coverage (2019)

Today I will go over who will get a life insurance policy of $ 500,000, the best company to get through it and some examples quotes.

Depending on your situation, $ 500,000 will probably go a long way in protecting your family's financial future.

Below is a list of people who should probably receive a lifetime $ 500,000 policy without any physical qualification required.

A home-made husband (19659005) You may not realize this, but a stay at home husband does an invaluable job, and for them not to have life insurance is a bad idea.

They keep a household's movement by keeping food on the table, raising their children and keeping their working-morning level on the road.

The loss of a home spouse's stay can create all kinds of financial problems that you could never think of.

Things that should keep the house clean or look at the children or give you motivation or pick out your clothes for work?

You would have to take time off to deal with the grief and perhaps need to consult.

A $ 500,000 term lifetime without degree policy would not only help cover their final costs but also help pay the house and help keep your home in order.

Single Parents

If you are single parent, you must, and I mean must, have life insurance.

You are the last defense code for your children and the one who is primarily responsible for their future.

$ 500,000 may seem a bit extreme; But if you disappear unexpectedly, you want your children to be able to pay a few things.

Like the house, cover your funeral and at least have money left to continue living.

All these things can work fast, just think if you have a $ 250,000 mortgage, a car note and 2 children.

$ 500,000 is right at the mountain, you should cover the home and keep your children in a financially sound situation.

Small business owners

As a small business owner, we are responsible for the lives of the families and sometimes the lives of other families.

Having a life insurance is the best gift we can give to our family and our business.

What happens if you leave you and your spouse can only run 25% of your business.

The company could immediately fail without you.

If you had a life insurance premium of five hundred thousand dollars for your family, they could survive.

They could hire someone who knows how to run the business while dealing with their grief.


As a freelancer, we are responsible for everything, and without us, no money comes in.

We are the most vulnerable when it comes to needing life insurance because the book literally ends with us.

If we disappear unexpectedly, family income goes to 0, and they will remain in economic ruin.

Buying 500k life insurance without medical examination is probably one of the best moves you will be able to make.

It would cover any initial expenses needed to cover your funeral and keep your family financially sound until they figure out their next move.

Someone buys a home

According to Zillow, the average price of a home in the United States is about $ 226,800.

This means you want to make sure you have enough life insurance to pay off your mortgage and still leave your family in a robust financial position.

If you've just bought a home, you want to look at a $ 500,000 20 or 30 year life insurance.

The best things about these policies is that they come without the need for a degree and you can get coverage super fast.

After 20 or 30 years, your mortgage or almost gone, and you don't need that much coverage.

If you wondered what things your life insurance policy would cover, we've listed some below:

This is just a short list, but there is an unlimited amount of things someone can pay with a $ 500,000 policy.

We even asked over 30 HR experts how surviving spouses should invest their life insurance policies .

Be sure to leave the money to someone responsible.

No one is interested in waiting weeks or sometimes months to receive something they have bought.

I get upset when my internet goes down in just an hour, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

With a no degree policy you could buy $ 500,000 in life insurance almost immediately if you are approved

We have a product that allows you to get a quote, apply, get approved and pay for your coverage within 5 minutes .

There are three reasons why this may happen:

No Exam

] It sounds stupid, but yes, there is no reason to go for a degree without having to take an exam.

The physical option lowers about 2 weeks of your life insurance waiting time.

3 Major Reports Pulled

Your proof of insurance coverage will only be determined by three main reports that are drawn.

MIB Report – This report is about your history of seeking life insurance.

If you have applied for coverage, this report recently shows which company you applied for and the result of the application.

Prescription Drug Report – This report should show you the prescriptions you have filled in the last 7 years.

It is common to confirm the answers to your application.

If you say you are not taking medication for diabetes, but your prescription report shows that you are taking metformin, which gives a red flag.

] Motor Vehicle Report – This report runs because you have no type of suspended license, DUI or DWI.

Most companies do not offer you life insurance if you have a residence permit for any of the above reasons.

Real-time Underwriting

The simplified issue of no degree process also takes you through real-time guarantees, which means that your application for approval is signed while you fill it.

The questions will change depending on how you respond to them and at the end of the application a decision of either approved or not approved.

If you are approved, you can choose your final amount of cover and rate and pay for your immediate coverage policy.

* Prices are based on a 20-year policy – Non-tobacco woman with a desired health rating

] I guess you are shocked at how affordable a $ 500,000 life insurance policy can be.

But guess what:

A study conducted by Life Happens showed that over 44% of people overestimate the cost of life insurance.

So, do not know any kind of way about it, if anything this would give you some relief that you have to pay high premiums.

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