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5 Tips for Selling Insurance by Phone – InsuredMine

Do you want to increase your insurance agency sales? Then you need to call potential customers. Cold and hot calls are one of the most effective ways to sell insurance from your home or office. This applies to selling insurance of all kinds, from health to car, life and home.

You will never grow your insurance agency unless you call potential customers and ask about their insurance needs. But the phone can feel like it weighs a thousand pounds, which makes you freeze instead of ringing. This fear will subside after you call enough to be able to talk comfortably with strangers when offering your insurance services.

Everyone has different insurance lines they sell so we will not go into details on how to sell life, property, or any other type of insurance, BUT if you need help getting started selling insurance by phone, OR some tips to improve your phone sales game, consider this blog as your personal guide.

Let's dive in!

Tip # 1
– Create Report With Your Future Prospects Before Asking For Sales

Many insurance agents out there think it's selling insurance over the phone to come up with a lot of good insurance tactics and then call a list of insurance prospects and hope that they are ready to buy when you call them.

Well, it's not that easy! Many of your prospects will be suspicious about why an insurance agent would randomly call them on the phone. So it's your job to build a relationship with your prospects before you ask for the sale.

One way to warm up the call is to send potential e-mails or physical e-mails before they reach out. Keep in mind that physical mail is increasing again with QR codes that are becoming more common in society, but more about that in a later marketing blog. Contact jonathan@insuredmine.com if you need any suggestions on heating and caring for insurance prospects.

In fact, many of the prospects you call will not be ready to buy. It's your job to help them see the need to buy your insurance or to schedule a follow-up call to continue the conversation until they are ready to buy.

Building a relationship with your future prospects before asking for the sale will help you sell insurance by phone much faster, while giving you a much greater chance that your prospects will say yes when you ask them for a meeting or opportunity to sacrifice.

Tip # 2 – Cross-selling and sales insurance

One of the best insurance sales strategies is to sell additional insurance products to your current customers. It is much easier to increase invoicing for an existing customer than to sell to a new one. Selling an additional insurance product to an existing customer is called cross-selling. To sell an increased insurance line as an extra vehicle or otherwise increased coverage, to an existing customer. Both cross-selling and up-selling are two surefire ways to see success in selling insurance over the phone.

You already have a history together so it's easier to re-establish the report we talked about in step 1. Think of it this way, when you sell to an existing customer you call warmly and kindly to someone you are already doing business with. rather than a cold call to a complete stranger. Use this to your advantage as it will be much less nervous than a normal cold call, giving you more confidence to end the deal.

Tip # 3 – Give away a free gift if they take action

This is a little different from the strategy mentioned above to warm up potential calls, so let's dive in here!

When a prospect fills in their name and email on your insurance management generation form, they have indicated that they are ready to purchase insurance. This will help you get them booked with an appointment faster when you sell insurance over the phone.

You can entice your prospects to fill out a management form by offering them a free gift. This gift can be an instant download of a free insurance guide (like this one), or a free insurance report and premium estimate. The more creative you get here, the better. Request a free list of 42 lead generation ideas from jonathan@insuredmine.com .

This insurance sales technique will help you sell insurance by phone much easier as it increases the perceived value of your offer in the eyes of insurance prospects who are ready to buy insurance. This means that your prospect will already be interested when you call them, making the deal much easier to close.

Tip # 4 – Use the magic words, "I have a question for you"

Here's a question for you. How often do you ask your prospects if they are available to talk when you call them? Even better, how often do you turn to the elephant in the room by acknowledging that your call is unexpected to your potential customer, allowing them to hang up or listen to your 30-second pitch? Questions like this show appreciation for your future time.

If you do not want to hang out when selling insurance by phone (so often), consider using the magic phrase "I have a question for you." Make your prospect the hero by giving them the power to control whether the conversation takes place now or not.

Tip # 5 – Use the Right Insurance Agency Sales Tool

If you want your insurance sales strategy to be successful, you must use the right tools. You need to find the right Agency Management System (AMS) to manage your insurance company from a general point of view. You also need an insurance agency Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that can help you track your sales efforts, manage your data both internally and for your customers, manage your team's daily to-do list, and manage all communications within your insurance company.

Bonus Tips – Thank you for your time and I will follow up with a calendar invitation for next week.

Bonus Tip # 1: Don't forget to say thank you. Customer service has changed a lot in recent years, and the tone of gratitude is almost lost if it is not built into ethics and education in an organization. Remember that a genuine thank you for your time goes a long way.

Bonus Tip # 2: If you do not feel it would ruin the relationship, always try to set the next call while you have them on your phone. An email after a call is a must, but if you try to use it as a tool to book the next meeting, you will lose several percentage points for the chance to get the next meeting. Instead, use the speed you have while on the phone with them and lock in the next step.

InsuredMine – # 1 Insurance CRM.

So now that you know the basics of what you need to do to successfully sell insurance over the phone, just find the right insurance software. Fortunately, you do not have to look far to find the perfect CRM insurance. We are fantastic ourselves or as a compliment to your AMS (Agency Management System). InsuredMine has everything you need to make sure your insurance company is successful. Click on one of the buttons below to try InsuredMine for free or schedule a personal demo today.

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