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5 simple tips for a great family trip

Bring in your vehicle for maintenance

Oil changes, tire rotations and brake lining changes are all great ideas for your big trip. Tell the mechanic about your road trip plans and approximately how many miles you plan to travel in your vehicle. They may be able to detect potential problems before you go to avoid problems on the road.

2. Review your car insurance

It is a good idea to review what your car insurance covers before you go out. Things like traffic problem service and car rental protection can be important to know if they are included in your insurance.

You may want to consider our Personal Automobile Plus approval which includes coverage if your car breaks down more than 100 miles from your home for things like overnight stays and meals. Even if you are not more than 1

00 miles from home, it can also pay for the cost of taking you to your destination in other ways, whether it is a rental car or public transport. It is also a good idea to save your Bolder Insurance Company’s phone number in your phone along with any applicable after-hours claim numbers.

Check the weather at home and your destination

In the days before your trip, you will probably look at the weather forecast for your destination and route. However, it is also a good idea to check the upcoming weather for your home.

The last thing you want is to come home and discover that a tree has fallen on your house, or that your basement has been flooded. See what the forecast says and ask a neighbor to check your house once a day, especially if the weather is bad. Make sure you provide them with a reliable contact number.

4. Rent a vehicle? Make sure it is covered

If you decide to rent a vehicle for your car journey, contact your local insurance agent to learn more about car rental protection. Most rental companies ask if you want to buy insurance for your rental car. But you may not need it. Your independent agent can check your existing car policy for any coverage that may apply and can discuss coverage you can add. One coverage to ask about is rent gap coverage.

If you have not read the fine print in the lease, you have probably not heard of this coverage. Your local insurance agent knows and can help you feel confident signing your lease.

Rental gap coverage: Let’s say you crash your rental car and it’s worth $ 20,000, but the rental company decides to sell it for $ 10,000 instead of fixing it. Without coverage for the rent gap, you are responsible for the difference.

5. Arrange roadside assistance before you leave

Road problem service can be a holiday saver and you do not have to be a member of a car association to get it. At Bolder Insurance, we offer Emergency Road Service coverage that can easily be added to your car insurance. This service includes a 24-hour hotline if you need a tow, or if you have an emergency with your car battery, oil or gas. Our coverage for Road Trouble Service extends across the country, and in most situations you do not have to pay for services out of your own pocket.


Taking steps to prepare for your road trip may be a job now, but it will help you have a more relaxed and enjoyable vacation. Talk to your local independent Bolder Insurance Advisor to ensure your vehicle is covered for your adventures ahead of you.

Disclaimer: The analysis of the coverage is in general terms and is replaced in all respects by the insurance contracts, recommendations, exceptions, terms and conditions of the insurance. Some of the coverage mentioned in this material may not be applicable in all states or may need to be modified to comply with applicable state laws. Some covers may have been removed or modified since the publication of this material. Contact your local Independent Bolder Insurance Advisor for more information.

Article provided by Auto-Owners Insurance, a Bolder Insurance partner.

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