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5 money dates to nurture your relationship

It doesn't matter if you are still facing potentials from your favorite dating app, or you are in your eighth year of marriage: money can play a big part in the relationship. Connect with someone who does not associate with your financial philosophy and risks adding unnecessary tension to your life.

But it's not easy to deal with money. A survey showed that for 44 percent of Americans, personal finance is the most challenging topic to discuss with anyone – even more challenging than religion and politics. Money Date can help you alleviate a couple of press and money presses, whether you are in the infatuation stage or you are an experienced couple.

Take these five creative (and budget-friendly) dates for a trip.

first Get-to-know-you Pictionary

Money talking on the first day? Don't even go there. While the finances are probably a bit too heavy for first, second and maybe even third dates, it may be a good idea to find out each other's money situations before things get serious. Falling head over heels with someone who does not share your financial attitude can be an attitude of battle later in the relationship.

Here is a way to open up money with your date without making it difficult.

Have you ever had a blast playing Pictionary®? It's a game that makes everyone laugh and laugh, right? Take a pen and paper and create your own version of the game to help you and your date get to know each other better.

  • What was your dream job?
  • What vacation would you take if money was not an obstacle?
  • What is your biggest pet?
  • 1
    9659009] What do you want your life to look like in the next five years?
  • What would you buy if you won the lottery?
  • Guess your partner's drawings can be entertaining. It can also lead to deeper issues such as "What are you doing about your dream vacation this year?" Or "How do you think you grow up on a small farm shaping your personality now?" Of course, the conversation can bypass how the debt could hold one of you back, or how an extra frugal childhood makes one of you prone to stinginess.

    2nd Vision Boards

    Spray your favorite bottle of wine, throw out old newspapers that you and your partner both love and create a financial vision board together. You can also do this during a Netflix® sesh if art and craft are not good with your partner.

    Creating this image together allows you to synchronize your goals and figure out how to do them. It can also lead to more serious issues like "Why are we waiting five years to take that dream family vacation / buy a new house / go back to college?" This can help you look at your budget in the new light of what can we tighten up to reach our goals faster.

    3. $ 10 grocery picnic

    Take a picnic blanket and drive to your nearest grocery store. You and your partner have $ 10 and 10 minutes to grab anything sensible – or not – food you want a picnic. Set up your picnic at the park, or dine in the car overlooking a beautiful view. When you judge each other's food choices, it's time to break out the budget.

    Starting with this money with a food store dash eases the mood, and getting out of the house can reduce the temptation to fight over money. It is smart to look over what you spent the month before, income, debt and savings first. With these things, you can create one to two financial goals for the new month, such as transferring $ 500 to your savings account or paying off a credit card.

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    4. Thrifty to turn

    Need to deal with debt? The path most people take is to go to spend freezes or work longer hours. Both can kill spontaneity In your relationship. Instead of logging more hours into the office, why not consider running a side-trip together?

    One way to make extra money is to shop at thrift stores or garage sales and look for items that can be resold for profit. ® and CRAIGSLIST® apps practical because not all things are profitable a and it is possible to examine the sales ratio before you buy an item. Remember, the goal is to get out of debt, so set a budget before you go. When browsing an item, you can roll back some of that profit back to buy more items to sell.

    5th Bookstore dreams

    Take a latte and visit your nearest new one or use the bookstore or your local library. The goal is not to take books at home, but to spark interesting conversations. Talk about dream holidays in the travel department, career changes or goals in the business and dream homes or house projects after having been through decor books and magazines. Almost every genre of books can inspire speeches related to your current and future finances.

    Have fun watching books lead you to write down goals and discuss budget changes you want to make now.

    Say you find that visiting Machu Picchu in Peru is on both of your bucket lists. Do not let this revelation live like a "day" forever. Use it as a starting point. Ask each other:

    • How much does it cost to go?
    • Are you a backpacker or a luxury hotel?
    • When is it soon we can go?
    • How can we adjust the monthly budget to make this dream a reality?

    Now that you're dealing with your monthly budget and looking for spending to cut, it's not such a move. You no longer just give up eating out three times a week, you work against your bucket list trip.

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    Talking money with your partner is not negotiable, but It doesn't mean it has to be a chore. Roll budget talk in date night for fun experiences that help you get your finances on point.

    Ashley Eneriz is a widely publicized author who specializes in personal finance for ordinary people. She also writes children's books. Sentences are own.

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