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5 insurance policies to protect your family for many years to come

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Every day we experience different types of risks, and you probably have peace of mind knowing that you are covered by them ̵

1; homeowners insurance protects your house and your belongings ; automatic coverage protects your car; and health insurance protects your well-being. However, have you taken any action to protect your family?

Fortunately, there are certain types of insurance that allow you to protect both yourself and your loved ones now and when you can no longer take care of yourself.

To help you prepare and secure your family's future, we have put together our five best insurances that you should keep in mind:

Life insurance

Taking out a Life insurance is a great way to provide extra security for your family or loved ones to fulfill all financial obligations when you are away. The insurance can be used to pay any final expenses, meet any unresolved debts and cover any additional expenses. However, the type of coverage that is right for you may depend on the benefits you are looking for or the protection you are seeking:

  • Permanent life insurance provides coverage throughout your life (provided the required premiums are paid). Some insurances may include the ability to invest and accumulate cash value.
  • Term Life insurance guarantees a specified death benefit if you die within a certain specified period.

You may be worried about the cost of a life insurance policy. Almost 80% of consumers think that life insurance is more expensive than it actually is, which makes affordability the main reason why some individuals do not buy insurance. In fact, it is actually more expensive not to have life insurance when your family depends on your income to support them after you have passed.

Calculate your life insurance needs with our free life insurance calculator and contact us to either secure a new insurance or add extra coverage.

Long-term care insurance

Long-term care insurance is ideal for healthy individuals who are planning to retire and are worried about spending their assets to pay for the cost of long-term care. This type of insurance usually covers services that are not covered by regular health coverage, e.g. nursing homes or care costs.

The attributes of a long-term care policy include:

  • Income to pay for long-term care, should you need it
  • Access protection for your spouse or beneficiary
  • Security to know that you have the means to pay for care [19659018] Hybrid policy for long-term care / life insurance

    If you need both long-term care and life insurance, you are lucky. Consider buying a life insurance policy with a long-term care provider. The advantage of this type of hybrid policy is that you can secure coverage with the benefits of life insurance, but have the ability to use death benefits for long-term care costs that can save the economy.

    If you are interested in long-term insurance or a hybrid policy, contact us today or request a quote and we will build a plan that makes sense for you.

    Umbrella insurance

    Umbrella insurance provides extra liability limitations over what is in home, car and other personal insurance. It is perfect for when you are in charge of a claim that is larger than what existing policies would cover. The good news is that it protects both you and everyone in your household who is defined as insured. This scenario is actually more likely to happen than you think.

    For example, the new trampoline you bought your children for Christmas? If a friend came over and injured himself, you can be sued – and held liable – for damages that occur to your property. If someone is injured in a car accident and you are discovered wrong, financial damage can increase rapidly.

    You should consider securing an umbrella policy if:

    • You own a home, holiday home, car, business, boat, motorhome, ATV or motorcycle
    • You have significant income or future income potential [19659010] You exposed to extra risks such as children, animals, a pool, trampoline or engaging in hunting, sports and other hobbies.

    Disability Insurance

    If you could not work, do you know how you would pay for your bills? This is where disability insurance comes in – giving you and your family who are dependent on your income financial security. Disability insurance can compensate part of your income for injuries or illnesses that affect your ability to work.

    If you do not think you need some form of disability cover, consider these statistics: Three out of ten workers entering the workforce today will be disabled before retiring.

    To protect you and your family, your employer may offer some type of disability insurance as part of your regular benefits. This type of insurance can include short-term coverage, long-term coverage or both and supplement your income immediately after an accident and if there is an ongoing disability. You can also take out disability insurance to provide extra financial protection for more than just physical incidents, such as back pain, depression, arthritis, diabetes and more.

    Are you self-employed? Then disability insurance is a must for your family.

    If your family is dependent on your income, contact our insurance specialists today for disability insurance or request a quote right now.

    We are here to help

    We can experience risks every day, but there are many types of insurance that cover everything from minor accidents to long-term care. If you have any questions about your existing coverage or would like to learn more about using your policies to protect your family, contact Keller-Brown Insurance Services today by visiting www.keller-brown.com/contactus or calling (717) 235-6891.

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