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5 car insurance myths debunked

Car insurance is a necessity that cannot be avoided, but you need accurate information to choose the best policy. Unfortunately, there are several myths that can steer you in the wrong direction. Our local agents are here to dispel these myths and make the process of buying car insurance easy, fast and affordable.

Myth: Older drivers always pay more for car insurance.

You may have heard that as you get older, you will be charged higher car insurance premiums. In fact, if you have a history of safe driving, you are likely eligible for special “safe driver” discounts that will lower your rate. In general, women will pay less than men, and younger drivers have the highest rates – all based on risk. It is true that older drivers (over 65) could pay more, especially those who have had multiple accidents. However, safe drivers do get the benefit of reduced premiums, and if you don̵

7;t have access to these reduced rates, talk to our local agent about your options.

Myth: Your credit won’t affect your car insurance premiums.

Your credit makes a difference in the cost of car insurance. Instead of the standard credit score, you have an “insurance credit score.” Insurance companies review this score when they offer you car insurance. The score measures the company’s risk when offering coverage. The higher the insurance credit score, the lower the premiums.

Myth: It’s smart to have only the minimum coverage required by law.

The minimum coverage for underinsured and uninsured drivers or liability insurance may not cover the costs incurred after an accident, whether caused by you or another driver. A serious accident can lead to financial losses, especially if another party is injured or your vehicle is seriously damaged. Discuss these issues with your insurance agent to ensure you have reasonable coverage, at little extra cost – it could save you from financial disaster in some scenarios.

Myth: A red car costs more to insure.

Many people think that a red car costs more to insure, but this is a myth. If you love the look of a red or other light colored car, your insurance rate will not be affected. The make and model of the car are criteria that affect the cost of premiums, but not the color, so feel free to drive the color car you like.

Do you have questions about car insurance? We are here to help.

Our local car insurance agents can help you make a smart decision about your car insurance. We work closely with each customer to find the best car insurance options at prices you can afford. You may want to make sure you have access to a rental car in case you get into an accident or have a child who has a learner’s permit or driver’s license and will start driving the family car. It is important that your car insurance is tailored specifically to match your situation. For accurate car insurance information and a focus on finding the insurance that works best for you or your family, our local agents are here to help.

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