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4 easy ways to start a car you have not driven in several weeks

After a month of sitting around your house, you think, “I feel like taking a car ride.” You have no destination. You just want to go where the road takes you.

You get in your car, turn on the ignition … and nothing happens.

Your car has been in your garage for a month, maybe even longer. According to Drifted, you want to drive at least once every two weeks. Failure to do so may lead to problems that you will not notice until it is too late.

Batteries slowly lose their charge

Much like the human body needs water, your car’s battery needs to be charged from its generator. Without it, the battery drains slowly, causing problems with ignition, door locks, lights and alarms.

Gas tanks accumulate moisture

Your fuel tank can collect moisture if it is empty or almost empty. That moisture can corrode your fuel tank and other parts of your car.

Animals work their way into air filters

You may be stuck at home, and so are the creatures that live in your garage. Just like you, they might want to get away for a while. The openings in your car are a perfect destination for them. They can chew through wires and dig into your air filter, which can lead to serious problems.

Tires can develop flat spots

If your car is in the same place for a long time, your tires will develop flat spots where they are pressed against the ground. Now, this problem will not stop you from driving, but it can create an unpleasant ride.

Some flat spots can be “driven out”

;, but they can become permanent in some cases. You wouldn ‘t drive forever on a flat tire, would you?

Get your car started

If you think your car is too far away, do not be afraid. LiveAbout gives you a great “what to do” list!

  1. Replace your fluids.
  2. Check the battery. If it’s bad, give it a charge if you have the ability.
  3. Prepare for ignition.
  4. Turn on the car, let it idle and give it a good inspection.

Once you have started the car, make sure you start and drive it at least once every two weeks. Hi – it’s good for the car and it’s fun to get out of the house for a while.

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