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3 tips to improve your mental and physical well-being when working remotely

Since covid raged through the country, working from home has become the new normal. While working remotely has many advantages (like working in your pajamas, stretched out on the bed, or relaxing on the couch), it also has real disadvantages. Each person reacts differently to remote work, and many miss the interaction with their colleagues, many of whom have become friends. How do you keep your mental and physical well-being on track while working from home? These tips may help.

1. Watch your diet.

When you work from home, it’s very easy to slide over to the fridge for a snack, reach for a bag of chips that̵

7;s calling out to you, and other less-than-healthy eating habits. Shop for healthier options and stock them. If you feel the need to snack, choose fruits, vegetables or other healthy options rather than highly processed commercial snacks, which are nutrient-poor and loaded with fat and salt, with limited, if any, nutritional value.

Create a grocery list each week and consider the types of healthy foods and drinks you enjoy. Love peanut butter? Consider eating it on celery or salad, rather than bread. Changing eating habits can be difficult, but you may be surprised that once you make the transition, you’ll start to enjoy it—and you’ll feel better, too.

2. Exercise at a fixed time.

It takes discipline to stick to an exercise schedule, but your body will thank you! Mental problems such as depression can be improved with regular exercise. Go for a walk, jog, hit the gym, sign up for an exercise program, or use the exercise equipment you invested in on a regular schedule—and remember to reward yourself!

Find a friend to join you in a fitness class (now you’re committed) or pay for a series of lessons to help you feel obligated to capitalize on your investment. Not everyone is blessed with high self-discipline, so having a workout buddy is one way to keep you on track – you have to show up!

3. Set realistic limits. You have one life.

It’s a sad fact that many employees, now working remotely, are contacted before or after work, or have meetings scheduled throughout the day, with no time for a break or a healthy lunch. Telecommuters tend to work longer hours and let your managers and colleagues know that you will not be available for calls or to respond to emails or texts after a certain time.

You may be pleasantly surprised to hear thanks from your colleagues for insisting on a healthy work-life balance. Many of them have been in the same situation, and once you break the ice, everyone else feels comfortable setting boundaries. People who have families need time to spend with them. Singles want to spend time with friends and family, without constantly answering emails and texts. Did you know that contacting an employee after hours is illegal in some countries? It is true, and there is a good reason why some countries have implemented these laws. People are healthier, mentally and physically, when they have time to decompress. You need it too!

Your health insurance – it matters.

Take advantage of the wellness components of your health insurance. Providers now offer a range of aids to people, and you may find that weight loss, health management and guidance on lowering blood pressure are very helpful. Do you need a new health insurance policy? Talk to one of our friendly local agents to find a policy that fits your budget.

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