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3 Successful Email Templates for Cross-selling Insurance – InsuredMine CRM

Do you sell insurance products to your list of active customers? Do you do it via email? If not here's a new product just for you!

Cross-selling insurance via email is incredibly effective when delivered in the right way, at the right time and with the right messages. Are you unsure how to meet these criteria? That's what we'll be going to cover in this article.

Here are three successful e-mail templates for insurance agents that you can start using today to cross-sell your insurance products.

Home but no car & car no home

The first two templates we will cover are two of the most common email templates for insurance agents used for cross-selling insurance. This is because home insurance and car insurance are the two most commonly purchased insurances. If your client has one with you but not the other, there is a good chance that they will get the other insurance from another insurance provider. So come on in and let them know how much they can save by combining both types of insurance with your agency.

This is what these templates might look like:


Subject line: H65 [09] Want to save [09][09] want to save [09]] Do you want to save [Insert Money Amount] every month on your insurance premiums? Well, you can when you combine your current homeowner policy with your car insurance. Call me or reply to this email to learn more about your combination options.

Talk soon,

[Insert Your Signature]


Subject line: How does one [Max Potential Savings Rate] [Max Potential Savings Rate]

965900] your car policy was complete alone without a policy for homeowners. Did you know that if you combine these, you can save up to [Max Potential Savings Rate] on your monthly premiums? It's true and simple. Call me or send an email for your accompanying quote and all these savings.

Talk soon,

[Insert Your Signature]

Keep it Short and to the Point

Your customers are busy people with their attention caught in a million directions at once (like yourself) . So it's best to keep your emails short and straight. As a business owner, you probably get your own share of the sales email, some you can respond to and others you ignore. Think about what it is that makes you respond to a sales email and then mimic it in your own cross-sales emails to your customers.

Cross-selling umbrella insurance

An umbrella insurance is a fantastic opportunity for cross-selling and a great way to add extra value to your customer. And if they are already happy with your home and car insurance, you have a good chance of cross-selling them on an insurance policy that may cover any damages that their existing insurance does not cover.

This is what this type of email looks like in practice:

Umbrella Cross-Sell

Get a Complet59010] Sublet59010] Sublet5-policy1010] 7 . [Insert Client’s Name]

Did you know that your car and homeowners policy only covers you so far? To be fully covered, you need an umbrella policy that covers what your stand-alone policies do not. Without umbrella insurance, you can be liable for property damage and personal injury in the event of an accident.

These are situations that no one ever wants to encounter, but it's better to be prepared for the unforeseen as [Insert Detail about Client’s Life] than to be unprotected when you need protection the most.

Contact me today to see how much you can save on increased protection under an umbrella policy.

All good,

[Insert Your Signature]

This is a good email template for insurance agents as it sets out what an umbrella policy is in relation to a standalone standard car or homeowners policy. It explains the added benefit of an umbrella policy over a current car or homeowner policy without diminishing the value of your customer's current insurance policies.

Timing is everything

It is important to remember that the key to successful cross-selling of insurance is to nail down your timing. For example, if your customer has just signed up with your agency for a homeowners policy – wait a few months and then send them an email regarding their car insurance.

When you start expanding your email templates, make sure you use a subject line that catches your customer's attention. It should summarize what your email will be about in just 10 words or less and it should be beneficial. Questions are a good way to do this (see example above).

Use InsuredMine to Cross-sell insurance

InsuredMine is the preferred CRM system for insurance agents because of its robust automated communication tools that make cross-selling insurance a breeze. It is also incredibly useful for tracking your sales performance and pipeline for both you and the agents working for you. Click here to try InsuredMine for free today, or schedule a demo below.

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