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3 Important Tips for Pool Safety to Remember


  Pool Safety Tips

Summer days are here, and if you're like millions of other American families, you'll spend a lot of time by the pool.

While pools offer a bit of paradise in your backyard – they can also be incredibly dangerous. Here are three safety tips to keep in mind.

1) No swimming without an adult around

Drowning does not look like you see on TV. Do not allow children to swim unattended, even if your children are future Olympians. It is always best to have an adult who keeps track of things. When cooking, it is a good idea to have a rotating schedule with chaperones so that everyone can enjoy the party.

2) No running

This is an unsurpassed, yet critical to remember. Pool tires are slippery and it only takes one case for someone to get a nasty bruise (or worse!) Take no chances. Go, do not run. The last thing you need is a trip to the hospital or a trial.

3) No diving at the shallow end (or no diving at all)

Research on spinal cord injury statistics found that 57.2% of all pool diving accidents occur in water 4 feet deep or less, while only 4 .8% of pool diving accidents occur in water at least 8 feet deep. Experts do not recommend diving at all in swimming pools above ground.

Pool Rules

A "Pool Rules" sign is a great way for you to remind family, neighbors and friends to be careful with and around your pool. Visual reminders are a great way to get everyone thinking about safety when enjoying a dip. Search for an affordable online or consider creating a homemade version with plywood and paint. It can be a great summer project for you and your kids, and creating the sign at home can even help your kids memorize the rules.


Most insurers need a fence around a pool to qualify for coverage. But even if they were not required, it is always recommended for safety. Children go out to play in the summer, and your pool should be inaccessible unless there is an adult to supervise. insurance company.


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