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2019 Break Out Awards, Midwest: Kimberly Lacker


Vice president and actuary, specialty pricing CNA Financial Corp.


Age: 36

Kimberly Lacker knew she wanted a career in the corporate world, but was unsure or exactly when she started to explore life as an actuary, starting with an internship at CNA Financial Corp. She eventually graduated from Evanston, Illinois-based Northwestern University with a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics, which has enhanced her understanding of the analytic tools and models becoming more widely used in the underwriting world. Starting out in the business

To be curious, ask thoughtful questions, and learn as much as you can in whatever role you're in. Take advantage of the different roles and the different opportunities you may have, because you start not going to be where you end up, but what you learn in each role is definitely something you can carry with you and can be an important part

I'm an introvert, and I think that most people in my professional life would be surprised to know that, but it is my natural state. In a work environment, I adapt to come across as more extroverted, but I'm introverted to heart. Be willing to put yourself in positions that you do not feel comfortable in, and know that that will change over time. If you had a duty 1

5 years ago I would be able to stand in front of a room of 100 people and give a presentation and not get nervous about it, I would have been shocked.

What is your favorite meal?

I really like rubber bears. It probably doesn't qualify as a meal, but I would say that my favorite food to eat – in a healthy way, of course.

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