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13 ways to get your home ready for spring.

Is your home ready for the new season to begin?

Take a look at our list of spring management tasks that usually need to be managed:

  1. Get your air conditioning cleaned and serviced. Did you know that clean coils work more efficiently? With it and a filter change, your air conditioner will be primed to keep you cool and reduce your costs.
  2. Replace the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Your life-saving detectors should be tested monthly and reused annually.
  3. Check your fire extinguisher. Make sure it is fully charged, easily accessible and in good condition. Last but not least, make sure it hasn't gone out. Replace if necessary.
  4. Seal the gaps in your home. Keep the air in and the rodents out. Make sure your home is completely sealed around the ceiling, windows and doors.
  5. Check your shingles. If someone was lost or injured during the winter, they will likely have to be replaced.
  6. Clear your gutters. Before the spring begins to rain, make sure your gutters are free of leaves and debris.
  7. Check your tire. If the wood is soft or spongy, it can be decayed ̵
    1; which can cause serious problems.
  8. Examine your external cranes. Should the winter weather be chaos on your pipes? If you can stop the water flow by placing the thumb over the spout, it may need to be replaced.
  9. Clean your screens. On a flat surface, gently screw your window windows with soap water. Patch small holes as needed.
  10. Touch any peeling paint. Paint protects your home from the elements, and it's easy to touch it. Need to paint tips? We've covered you.
  11. Patcha cracks in your driveway. Fill any cracks that the cold may have caused. Or, if your driveway is made of bricks, repair or replace those that need it.
  12. Tighten the wrinkle railings. For support on the steps, make sure your railings are safe.
  13. Replace outdoor lamps. Replace fog or burnt out lights. Then, to maximize available lighting, clean all outdoor lighting fixtures.

Spring can also be the season to evaluate your unique home insurance needs. Do you want to start a conversation? Find a local, independent agent in your area.

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