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$ 100,000 Life Insurance Without Exams // Instant Rates & Approval ™

Life insurance is not just about making the people you leave behind convinced, but it can be a little confusing to figure out the exact amount to buy.


What if I said that it is super easy to get 100,000 in life insurance without a degree and that if approved, you can get coverage within minutes.

  100,000 life insurance

Today I will go over who will get a life insurance policy of $ 100,000, the best company to get through it and some quotation copies.

Who needs $ 100,000 in life insurance

Depending on your situation, $ 100,000 is likely to go a long way in protecting your family's financial future.

Below is a list of people who probably should have a lifetime policy of $ 100,000 without a qualifying period:

Single young adult with no children

I will be brutally honest here, young adults without children are some of the most unreasonable people when it comes to life insurance.

They assume they don't need coverage because they have no dependency.

But they often fail to realize that someone still has to pay to bury them.

There are so many profiles on the GoFund Me of young people who do not have life insurance, and that really makes no sense.

Single parents with newborn children

If you are a single parent and have just had a baby, it is important that you have life insurance.

You are the last defense code for your child and one who is primarily responsible for their well-being.

$ 100,000 may seem a little low, but if you disappear unexpectedly, you do not want to leave your children in a financial bond.

The children are expensive.

$ 100,000 is right at the mountain should you cover your new baby if someone else needs to bring them in.


As a freelancer, we are responsible for everything and without us no money comes in.

We are the most vulnerable when it comes to needing life insurance because the book literally ends with us.

If we disappear unexpectedly, family income goes to 0, and they will remain in economic ruin.

Buying 100k life insurance without any medical exam is probably one of the best moves you will be able to make.

It would cover any initial expenses needed to cover your funeral and keep your family financially sound until they figure out their next move.

Any purchase an RV

The average price of an RV in the United Kingdom is about $ 100,000.

This means that you want to make sure your family has enough to pay off your RV loan, especially if you use it as your primary residence.

If you have just bought a house, you want to look at a 100-year life insurance policy of 30 years.

The best thing about this policy is that they come without needing a degree and you can get coverage super fast.

After 30 years, your loan should be gone, and you don't need that much coverage.

What 100,000 in Life Insurance Can Cover

If you wondered what things your life insurance policy would cover, we have listed some below:

  • Funeral
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Housing Costs
  • Final Expenditure
  • Grief Counseling
  • Debt
  • Car Payment
  • Insurance Policy
  • Child Care
  • Paying for Children's College Books

This is just a short list but there is an unlimited amount of things that anyone can pay with a $ 100,000 lump sum.

We also asked over 30 personalized interpreting experts how surviving spouses should invest their life insurance deductions .

Be sure to leave the money to someone who is responsible.

Why no exam is your best option

Nobody is interested in waiting weeks or sometimes months to get something they bought.

I get upset when my internet goes down in just an hour, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

With a no degree policy you could buy $ 100,000 in life insurance almost immediately if you are approved.

We have a product that allows you to get a quotation, apply, get approved and pay for your coverage within 5 minutes.

There are three reasons why this may happen:

No Exam

It sounds silly, but yes, not having to graduate is the best reason to go with a no exam option.

The physical option lowers approximately 2 weeks of your waiting time for life insurance.

3 Major Reports Pulled

Your proof of insurance will only be determined by three main reports that are drawn

MIB Report – This report is about your history of seeking life insurance.

If you have applied for coverage, this report recently shows which company you applied for and the result of the application.

Prescription Drug Report – This report should show which recipes you have filled in the last 7 years.

It is common to confirm the answers to your application.

If you say you are not taking medication for diabetes, but your prescription report shows that you are taking metformin, which gives rise to a red flag.

] Motor Vehicle Report – This report runs because you do not have any type of suspended license, DUI or DWI.

Most companies do not offer you life insurance if you have a residence permit for any of the above reasons.

Real-time Underwriting

The simplified question no exam process also takes you through real-time guarantee, this means that your application for approval is signed while you fill it.

The questions will change depending on how you respond to them, and at the end of the application decisions by either approved or not approved.

If you are approved, you can choose your final amount of cover and rate and pay for your immediate coverage policy.

Try $ 100,000 Life Insurance Exam Quote

Exam Pricing For Women

* Prices are based on a 20-year period policy – Non-tobacco woman Woman with a desired health rating

Test Exam Pricing for Men

* Prices are based on a 20-year policy – Non-tobacco Male with a Desired Health Classification

I bet you are shocked at how affordable a life insurance can be $ 100,000. [19659002] But guess what:

A study conducted by Life Happens showed that over 44% of people overestimate the cost of life insurance.

So, don't know any kind of way about it, if anything this should give you some relief that you have to pay high premiums.

The Best Company for No Graduation $ 100k Life Insurance

While there are some excellent no graduation insurance companies to choose from, we haven't found anything better than Bestow life.

Check out our quick overview of them below:

  donate life insurance logo

About Bestow Life Insurance

Bestow is supported by the North American company for life and health insurance.

North America has been around for over 100 years and was founded in 1886, and today North America holds an A + (Superior) rating with AM Best.

Bestow believes that great life insurance should be affordable, comfortable and smart.

And as simple as buying any other gift for your family.

  • Available from 21 to 55
  • Tire amount from $ 50,000 to $ 1,000,000
  • Not yet available in NY
  • No physical education life insurance
  • Tobacco and non-tobacco Prices
  • E- Signature & Simple Application Procedure
  • No Waiting Time
  • Accelerated Underwriting
  • 2 Years Duration Available

Riders and Alternatives

No additional riders or alternatives available on this policy, such as the accelerated death benefits

Simple insurance thinking

Bestow is the most affordable simplified issue, no physical exam period life insurance product on the market. We see that the customers go from application to approval within 5 minutes.

Bestow can cover you faster than any product on the market.

Want to learn more about them? Check out our full Bestow Life Insurance review.

How to get covered today

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