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10 best dog insurance company 2019

More than 60 million US households include at least one dog, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

And it's no wonder that dogs are loyal family members, they can help reduce our blood pressure and even extend our lives.

In turn, we find great pleasure in spending time with them, plying them with sweets and toys, and treating them generally as our biological offspring. In 2017, pet owners spent a record $ 69.4 billion on necessities and goodies for their animal lovers.

Still, only 1.83 million US pets had less than one-tenth of a hundred percent of all pets at the end of 2017, according to the North American PET Health Insurance Association.

Veterinary care is by far the largest expenditure for dog owners, with an annual price tag of about 731

USD. Examining the best dog insurance companies and insuring your favorite strut can protect your finances from unexpected veterinary bills that can cause a serious problem in your bank account.

Just like health insurance for people can prevent illnesses and accidents from breaking the bank, animal insurance can protect your beloved dog while giving you peace of mind knowing that if the unthinkable happens, you get the means to pay for healthcare.

The insurance market for animal insurance is ever increasing and increasing by 16.8 percent from 2016 to 2017 alone, and it can be time consuming to go through the many options. Dog insurance plans vary widely in terms of cost, coverage options and customer service.

Choosing the best plan for you and your dog depends on your pet's needs and your budget. We evaluated more than 30 animal insurance companies to help you find the best dog insurance companies the industry offers. Here are our top 10 choices.

Best dog insurance company: Get quotes and compare coverage today

1. AARP Pet Insurance

  PetPlan logo yellow letters on white background Petroleum's PetPlan animal insurance is available to AARP members and has one of the most comprehensive market policies.

In addition to covering standard treatments such as prescriptions and surgery, veterinary fees cover non-routine visits and offer extensive dental coverage for a variety of services including tooth extraction and periodontal disease treatment.

Most plans only cover dentists when it is related to an accident. 19659002] AARP is a good option for older dogs and difficult insurance races as there are no age limits or breed restrictions.

Total costs are on the affordable side of the industry standard and are known for their stellar 24/7 customer service by phone or direct chat. AARP offers a user-friendly mobile experience and a generous 90-day deadline for claims.

Flexible plans allow you to mix and match deductibles, benefit limits and replacement rates to customize a plan that suits you and your dog.

AARP Animal Insurance has an annual deduction right rather than a per-incident deductible. This means that when you reach the year's deductible, all remuneration will be replaced by your chosen percentage.

2nd Aetna's Animal Insurance

  Pets Best logo Aetna's animal insurance is available in 36 states and the District of Columbia and covers all breeds that begin at 7 weeks of age.

Aetna offers three levels of coverage and lets you customize your plan to your dog's needs and budget.

All three plans include accidents, diseases, and hereditary conditions, with two additional levels of coverage for non-routine tests and alternative therapies such as chiropractic and acupuncture.

An accident plan is available at a fixed price regardless of age or race.

Aetna, Through Pets Best, offers unlimited access to veterinarians and specialists, including emergency clinics, ophthalmologists and oncologists.

Flexible plans allow you to exclude certain treatments to lower the premium and better fit your dog's needs.

You can also adjust the deductible amount between $ 50 and $ 1000 and choose a replacement percentage of 70, 80 or 90 percent.

Unlike most animal insurance companies, Pets Best on behalf of Aetna pays directly, and it offers some of the fastest claims management in the industry, which is usually repaid by check or direct deposit within five days of receiving the claim.

3rd VPI Pet Insurance

  National Pet Insurance Logo Blue on White Background VPI Animal Insurance offers several plan options, including a large medical plan covering only serious medical conditions and a Pet Wellness plan covering only routine care. [19659002] The entire pet plan, available with or without health cover, insures itself against diseases and accidents.

When you buy a policy, it will remain in effect for the dog's lifetime. However, new policies are not available for dogs over 10 years of age.

VPI offers one of the best dog insurance plans for comprehensive coverage, but, like all other animal insurance providers, it does not cover existing conditions. The prizes are reasonable too.

A basic insurance plan with the highest possible deductible costs $ 34.25 for your dog, well below the national average monthly animal insurance premium of $ 44.66.

VPI Animal Insurance is owned and operated by Nationwide, which administers the policy and pays claims. Submission of claims is easy with VPI because you can send them via email, fax or a downloadable mobile app, which most companies do not offer. VPI guarantees payment of receivables within 30 days, but the actual conversion time is much faster.

4th PetPremium Pet Insurance

  Pet Premium Logo Purple on a White Background PetPremium Pet Insurance offers comprehensive but uncomplicated coverage options, and it is the only company with zero complaints filed against the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Plans are highly customizable and allow you to choose the deductible and repayment share that works best for you.

The unfortunate coverage includes microchip implantation, imaging tests, surgery and a variety of treatments. The overall coverage plan assures itself of accidents and diseases, including hereditary, chronic and dental conditions. Two levels of wellness supplement cover a variety of standard treatments and procedures, including spaying, neutering and vaccinations.

PetPremium's minimum monthly premium for dogs is only $ 12.28, well below the national average. At this level, the deductible is $ 250, the annual benefit contribution is $ 2,500, and the replacement rate is 80 percent.

Customer service at PetPremium is in line with the industry average. You can reach a representative by phone during the day, and the company's website is a treasure chest of information about animal health and well-being.

PetPremium's stated policy is to repay within 30 days, but the announced response time is 15 days. PetPremium is one of a small handful of animal insurance companies that compensates the vet directly.

5th Trupanion Pet Insurance

  Trupanion Pet Insurance Logo Trupanion is one of the more expensive animal insurance companies, with premiums for dogs starting at $ 59.21.

However, it offers one of the most comprehensive basic plans covering the cost of prescription drugs and prescription foods chronic and hereditary diagnostic testing, surgery and hospitalization;

Trupanion also exceeds industry standards for preferential limits and offers a replacement rate of 90 percent without deduction or coverage.

Trupanion's announced seven-day response time is faster than the industry standard, although the policy states that receivables are normally met within 60 days. It is also another animal insurance company that offers direct payment to the vet.

Trupanion assures dogs as young as eight weeks, with an upper age limit of 14 years. The typical upper age limit for most policies is 10 years.

The five-day accident waiting time through Trupanion is shorter than the industry average of about 14 days, although the disease waiting time is 30 days, which is on the longer side.

6th GEICO Pet Insurance

  Geico logo Gecko The biggest advantage of GEICO animal insurance is that it is one of the few suppliers that offers mobility aid and prosthetics as well as coverage of breed-specific conditions such as cancer, dysplasia and allergies. It is also about behavioral therapy for destructive behavior and anxiety.

Another thing that sets GEICO apart from its competitors is the Wellness Rewards program, a political supplement that provides routine incentives for routine careers.

GEICO's prices are competitive, with a minimum monthly premium of $ 13.04 for dogs. Unlike some suppliers, GEICO's policy is highly customizable. You can choose an annual deductible between $ 100 and $ 1000; a $ 5,000 repayment limit to $ 15,000; and a repayment share of 65 to 90 percent.

Discounts are available, including a spay / neutral discount, a discount to pay the annual deductible and a discount for several pets for additional pets in the household.

GEICO's customer service works during regular business hours, but policyholders have 24/7 access to VetLIVE, a 24/7 help line that connects you to veterinary health care experts for your dog. You can apply for claims at any time by mail, email, fax or online portal.

7th Banfield Pet Hospital Health Insurance

  Banfield Pet Hospital Logo Banfield Pet Hospital Hospital Insurance covers only diseases and its policies restrict homeowners from using Banfield's large network of pets and clinics, including clinics located within the PetSmart stores. 19659002] In addition to these restrictions, Banfield Pet Hospital offers health insurance policies with monthly rates below the national average.

Choose from five different levels of coverage, including an early care plan for puppies for six months. Included medical conditions include hereditary, congenital, racial and chronic conditions, and dental diseases.

Plans include diagnostic testing, surgery, prescription, behavioral therapy, prosthetics and mobility services, among other treatments and procedures. [19659002] Unlike many competitors, Banfield Pet Hospital Animal Insurance does not have an upper age limit for coverage. The minimum age is eight weeks old. Banfield also has no waiting time for office visits or other covered services.

Most insurance companies have a waiting time of 14 to 30 days. Instead of replacing you for services, Banfield offers 100 percent coverage of all routine and preventative care related to your plan level.

8th AAA Pet Insurance

  Healthy Paws Insurance Logo For members of the American Automobile Association (AAA), discounted rates make animal health protection through AAA at affordable prices. AAA offers a single animal insurance policy for accidents and diseases.

The plan covers a range of services that are not covered by other major animal insurance companies, including hip dysplasia, as long as it is not an existing condition. It makes AAA pet insurance ideal for susceptible breeds.

Most other animal insurance with unlimited coverage has higher premiums than AAA, but even AAA's most basic plans have no per-incidents, annual or lifetime coverage cards. Plans are customizable, so you choose your deductible ($ 100, $ 250 or $ 500) and repayment share (70, 80, or 90 percent.)

AAA is one of the best dog insurance companies in claims claims, which is two days for most claims. Customer support is available seven days a week, and you can quickly submit a claim online or with a mobile app.

ninth Embrace Pet Insurance

  Embrace Pet Insurance Logo Embrace is known in the animal insurance industry for its extensive coverage and customizable policy for dogs starting at six weeks old. The age cover for purchase coverage for dogs is 14 years, but dogs that are already insured before the age of 14 will continue to be covered for life.

Embrace offers one of the best dog insurance plans in the industry thanks to low prices, direct veterinary billing and a wide range of covered costs, including prosthetics, behavioral therapy, and alternative care.

Embraces simple customizable plan starts at $ 13.04, well below the industry average. Annual deductibles range from $ 100 to $ 1000, and you can choose a replacement rate of between 65 and 90 percent.

Unique to Embrace is its declining deductible plan that discounts the $ 50 annual deductible for each claim-free year.

Sales claims are submitted via email, email, fax or via the secure online portal, and they are paid out directly via direct vet count or direct fee. For each policy being sold, Embrace donates $ 2.00 to a pet-related charity.

10th Figo Pet Insurance

  Figo Pet Insurance Logo Figo is another high quality animal insurance company that provides generous coverage for the price compared to other carriers. Figo's least planned plan covers accidents and illness that most other plans do, but it also includes prescriptions, hip dysplasia, test fees, prosthetics, and mobility. units, alternative therapies and behavioral therapy.

Flexible plans allow you to choose the cover, from $ 10,000 to unlimited. You can also choose the compensation amount, from 70 to 100 percent, making it the only company that offers 100 percent compensation.

Deductible are also flexible and range from $ 50 to $ 500. If your pet receives life-saving care, the company will waive the deductible, unlike most other animal insurance companies.

Figo's premiums are in line with other animal insurance companies, if not slightly higher. For $ 52 a month, you can assure your dog of a $ 50 deductible plan, $ 10,000 surcharge, and 70 percent of the actual cost of services. Figo also offers discounts for veterans and active military personnel, veterinary clinics and students.

Thanks to the top ranked companies listed above, you should be able to find a reliable animal insurance that protects your assets and helps keep your dog healthy and happy.

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